I Finally Arrived…Santiago, Chile MTC

I made it! This is so crazy, I cannot believe I actually made it here! Its been a tough three days but it feels really good to finally get here!!! its been really hard considering I haven’t showered in three days and they lost all of my luggage. and on top of that my companion is Portuguese, and he doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish or English. so to say the least its been really hard! haha, i mean he can speak a little Spanish, but i obviously can’t, so that means i have to learn twice as fast if i want to speak to my companion! i’m kind of scared because I just figured out last night that i have to teach lessons in a day or two with my new companion and idk how i am going to study with him, but i know that the lord is with the both of us and he will help us! it’s just been a weird week because I haven’t really studied for a few days, so getting here to the MTC everyone is so enthusiastic and upbeat, and that’s how i want to be!! all of us missionaries feel the same way, so i’m not alone! but this email has to be short because I only got a few minutes to write you guys and tell you that everything is ok and that I’m very excited to finally be starting to serve my lord and savior in Vina Del Mar, Chile!!! so I hope all is well at home, and I hope the next time I email you guys I will know a little more Spanish and feel the spirit a lot stronger than I am now (because of what happened the last few days) ha-ha. you understand!! I hope 😉 but I love all of you guys so much and I hope all is well at home! Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!

Love Elder Pedersen



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