Wow!!! What a week.

IMG_0089[2]This week has definitely been up and down a lot, mainly up but the language has been super hard. my new companion who is from Utah is such a freaking stud!! he is trying so hard to the learn the language and it progressing soooo much. we have our p-days on Wednesdays, which was today and while me and my companion Elder Draney were going around Santiago, this lady stopped us and we gave her a book of Mormon! how crazy is that huh!?!?! well to start off I really loved those pictures you sent me dad they really give me inspiration and make me really happy about the good old days! keep sending more or spiritual messages just whatever!! I love them. and I just miss you guys so much, i couldn’t stop crying Saturday night because the language was super hard (harder than I ever imagined) and I had a companion that could only speak Portuguese. so all those coming together I couldn’t hold it in. The other elders in that room were probably like, who’s that baby on the top bunk? haha but no I am really doing so much better now with my new companion, he is so awesome. this Sunday was way cool because is was pretty much all English and SUPER spiritual, which I LOVE!! haha we had classes for like 12 hours straight and its weird cuz normally I would hate that at home, but it was seriously so amazing! I loved every moment. Elder Bednar or Christopherson gave an amazing talk about the reasons we are here and we had a teacher help us with stress and our two mission presidents (one is in the Spanish housing) were amazing speakers I really love them both. its funny cuz my CCM mission Pres. president Doll had just gotten here 9 days before we all got here, so he didn’t really know what he was doing. and that’s kinda why I thought it was weird that I was with a companion that couldn’t even speak my language. haha But man do i love you guys so much, I am really starting to love the people here, I never realized that there would be such nice people! my testimony has really been tested these past few days. Padre Celestial really is testing me and making sure I know the reason I am here. cuz I honestly knew why I was going on a mission, but now that I am here, I really struggled at first. They have been just reminding us and driving it into our heads that we are only here for one purpose. To bring other unto Christ and that the doctrine of Christ is based on these five things. Faith in the lord Jesus Christ. repentance. Baptism. Laying on of hands by the gift of the holy ghost. And enduring to the end. that’s really the main reason we are out here. to bring others unto Christ. And honestly lately its been really hard to not compare myself to my new companion because he is such a stud and he is trying super super hard to learn the language. and so am i, but i never feel like im doing enough, ya know? but it was awesome because we actually had a lesson this Sundays about how we need to not compare ourselves to others. and that we need to only compare ourselves to ourselves. and I thought that was really awesome. I really loved that he said that cuz i needed it. and also its been hard to know what exactly to study. I never know what the Lord wants me to do when I have spare time or in my personal study. it’s just kinda hard. But im just loving the mission it’s really taught me a TON of patients. i honestly dont remember the last time I’ve had this much patience. its kinda awesome. , but another thing is my companion is sooo athletic and he loves working out. he’s a beast and always wants to run which you all know i hate. , but it’s really good cuz im sore all the time and he keeps me in shape! haha which is also really good because the food here is really fresh but full of carbs and a lot of meat. haha its pretty much the same thing every day. but anyways i just want to be out in the field already! i really do feel like I’m in a prison a little, because I want to go teach now,  kinda sucks. haha but its all good im learning a lot. at least I think I am 😉 haha and mom and dad, your emails are so amazing, I love your guys´ inspiring words of hope and I am really one blessed son of God. I CANNOT tell you how much I’ve realized just how blessed i am being out here. it’s not because im in the slums (because it’s actually pretty nice here) but just in the fact after hearing of the other Elders and Hermanas lives, I’ve noticed just how blessed I am. it’s really given me a perspective on how amazing my life is and how perfect my family is. ive been blessed beyond word and i am so grateful for the love you guys have given me.
And don’t worry Skyler i didn’t forget about you. thank you so much for the email, I really love talking to you as well because you know what I’m going through! keep emailing me and ill try my best to do the same. you’re an amazing man Skyler and I know that your going to do great things. keep up the great work and i hope all is well!
P.S. my stupid ipod broke, and I don’t really have any music. i mean it still works but the screen fell off. haha so if you guys want you should use my money or whatever and buy a 7th generation ipod (which i can have) and put like a million general conference talks and just a ton of podcasts (everything on their pretty much) haha and all my mission music and any other church music would be great! up to you!! 🙂 oh my gosh i forgot to say, everyone has to prepare a 5 minute talk in Spanish, Which is really hard for me because of conjugations and stuff. Man soooo much fun.
Well im praying for you guys and I really hope everything going great! tell me how home is and if there is anything new! I really really really love you all so much and i miss you like crazy! I know that im doing what the Lord wants me to do and i just cant wait to get out there and start bringing other unto my Lord and Savior! you all are so amazing and im so blessed. Have an amazing week everyone and i love you all sooooo much!! Especially my amazing wonderful parents that have raised me, and made me into the man I am today. Well.. asta luego!!
Love your missionary, Elder Pedersen

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