Best Week of My Life!!!

IMG_0082[2]The best week of my life!!!
I loved this week. there has been sooo many spiritual experiences! I have like 17 emails and there is no way I can write to all of them so just do your best to send them to everyone! this week has gone by so fast and I really have seen the gift of tongues in my life! I never knew how amazing that gift really is.  It was weird cuz I didn’t feel like I was getting the language and then when my and my companion were in a lesson i understood everything and was speaking more Spanish than he was!!! and he normally talks the whole time. I am truly feeling the presence of the lord. and info about my companion is his name is Elder Draney and he is from Lehi Utah. He’s a freaking stud and is always buried in the scriptures and if you asked him about a topic or curtain phrase in the scriptures he will know EXACTLY where it is at. I really wish I had that amazing gift he has been given. He’s always working out and he is ripped!! haha, he reminds me of Elder Bybee a lot. and his testimony burns so strong. he cries when he reads the scriptures, that’s true conversion. he really knows why he is here and loves this work.
The CCM (MTC) is amazing! I truly love it here. it scares me to know that I will be going out to Vina Del Mar in 3 weeks! and to not have english speaking people around is going to be hard. but this is the Lords work and I can do it!! the food is… good 😉 its Puré (fake mashed potatoes) which ive never really liked, but its potatoes! haha and meat, pasta and some type of sauce. pretty much the biggest veriety EVER! haha and they have bread here called pan, and it is soooo good! just like christopher said. but im not getting fat, which is awesome! my companion is though, and for breakfast they have cocoa puffy, froot loops with YOGURT!! it’s so weird, but amazing. you’d be surprised of how good it is. but that’s pretty much the food every day here. not too amazing. haha
But the language is coming along pretty well. I’m slowly getting it, but I still have a TON of work to do. its been hard to know what to study, but im just letting the Lord guide my hand into the path he needs me to take. that’s another thing I’ve realized is how much I’ve needed to rely on the spirit here. it’s all I really have. oh! and today Elder Rasband of the pres. of the 70 came to speak to us today!!! its was seriously sooo amazing! I sat two rows back from him! he has such a strong testimony and we had a question answer kinda thing because he was going to be just going to the temple but felt inspired to talked to us, and it truly was inspiring. you’d ask him and question and he could instantly pull up a few scriptures to answer our questions perfectly. he truly is a man of God. he said that we needed to learn three languages out here. Spanish, English (they are giving the Latinos the opportunity to learn because its the language of the restoration is what they are saying) its amazing. and last the language of the spirit. I thought that was very profound because we truly need to be connected with the spirit. especially now.
But moving on I want you to tell everyone that i don’t have time to write back. I know that a lot of people emailed me so try to send it to as many people as possible! McKenna is soooo freaking cute though. I had to read hers. tell her I love her so much and to write me every week! ill be expecting new things and a lot of love from her (which I know I can get from her).
 I’ve been reading your guys´ letters a lot and they bring me so much joy. You have raised me in a manner that I will use on my kids for the rest of my life.  You are my best friends and the ones that have always been there for me. You guys mean the world to be and I just hope you know that, and that every time I get discouraged or down, I think of you and about how much you have supported me and been there when I needed you the most. I love you with everything in me and I hope I can be the man you guys and the lord want me to be. I miss you more than you know, but I know that being out here the Lord is not only blessing me, but blessing my family (D&C 31, 34))
mom and dad you guys are soo amazing! I cant believe you did a duet together, I’m sure it was beautiful just like you guys 🙂 haha you guys are amazing! and Tiffany’s  daughter, goodness I hope she’s ok!
Well I miss and love you guys to pieces and I think about you all the time!!
Love your humbled missionary,
Elder Pedersen

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