Drinking from a fire hose…

Awesome! Thank you so much! I love love love love you all soooooo dang much! you’re the best parents a guy could ever have. Tell Adam that I don’t have time to write but just read Shanna’s and I’ll try to email next week!

Man, this week has been so crazy!! I’m sooo happy to hear that you guys have been busy, that means that you guys know how I’m feeling!! haha its been so crazy having lesson after lesson. Language after language class. it’s unreal! To go from no study and no Spanish, to BOOM is like drinking from a fire hose and only 20% gets into my mouth!! haha well this week was another great week, crazy to think I’ve been out for a month!

I want the boys to read Alma 24 and really think about how amazing their dedication to the Lord the anti-Nephi-Lehites were in throwing down their swords and giving up their lives for the lord. We read that in our class for BOM study and my companion and some other missionaries were crying and at the end I had to give the prayer, and it was all over.  I just lost it, the spirit overcame my body and I just started balling. I was surprised that I kept saying the prayer in Spanish too. It was just such an amazing experience! I made the whole district cry as I was praying. Daniel is such a stud wanting to play guitar all the time and I know that the lord works through music, we all know that. I’ve felt the spirit countless times throughout my life through music. That’s awesome that Kellin loves listening to EFY and conference talks I’m really proud of him and I’ve been praying for him and Daniel and I know that the lord is answering my prayers to keep them close to the Lord.

I am so lucky to have you guys in my life; I talk about you ALL the time. Not even kidding. Everything reminds me of you. Its nuts. haha tell McKenna that I love her to pieces and that I hope she reads the BOM every day. I know that through reading the BOM she will be an amazing example to her brothers and sisters. it’s probably hard for her because I hated reading anything. haha but now I freaking love it!! I can’t stop. I want to just read the BOM all day long but it’s not in the schedule. I love that little girl she’s growing up to fast!!

Well let’s see, so we don’t get to go out tracting or anything but we talked to people around the temple and asked them to pray for us. It was kind of nerve racking cuz the first group was of 6 Latinos. haha but oh my gosh, the elders here are scriptorians!! They know what scripture to go for any topic! It’s insane. My companion is going to be a prophet I swear. haha and also, I wanted to say that I’ve never laughed and smiled so much in my life until I got here. haha its insane how much me and my companion laugh. But Sunday the mission president from Santiago sou came to talk to us and he way amazing! He was saying that we are half Mormons. cuz none of us have read the bible all the way through. It kind of made me sad. I know seminary helped me a lot with that too, I just haven’t studied it like the Book of Mormon.  I’ve noticed that I don’t know as much about the bible though, I wish I had more time to read it.  He was also saying that “we need to find the thing that’s holding us back and fight it” I really liked that.

Another group left today and it’s crazy to think we will be the next ones going out! This week I’m going to need to study my butt off way more than I have cuz I know when I get out there, it’s not going to be as easy as it is here. This gospel is so amazing and I honestly wouldn’t want to be any other place. This is honestly my home away from home. And I love that the lord has blessed me with not being home sick and to just focus on His work. I’m glad everything is going well at home and sorry if i missed anything out. I try to remember everything from yours and dads letter but its kinda hard.. haha well have an amazing week and I love you all soo much and I’m glad you are doing awesome! Love you and miss you tons.

Your son, Elder Pedersen



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