Last week in the MTC!

Oh my gosh mom, NEVER keep your letters short on my account. Write as much as you want! I want to hear everything from you always. Your my main priority when I email, so don’t keep them short because of me! haha

Well I’m so proud of Daniel, gosh he is such a stud. I’m really glad that he finally got his blessing because I’m using mine out here a lot. It’s funny that you said he fasted for 24 hours cuz that’s what you’re supposed to do. haha But I know that’s hard at home. It kinda was for me too. But here for some reason I feel like I could go 48 hours. I don’t even understand. Probably cuz I’m so filled with the Spirit and spiritual knowledge that I don’t ever need food! haha

Well let me tell you a little about this week. So to start off we went tracting for the first time since being out here and it was crazy nerve-racking, but it ended up being awesome! My companion and I prayed with this lady in the street! It was way cool she said that she had felt the Spirit after I prayed! But then in our “investigator” lessons our teacher pulled me and my companion back into the room after we taught her, and she said she had felt the Spirit so strong and loved our lesson. She said that our Spanish was great. All I could think about was that it wasn’t me at all, it was the Spirit working through me. I loved that feeling. But we’ve now been in a Latino district for the last week and its crazy. No English at all from the teachers. So it’s been kinda rough, but I’m learning a ton!

We went to the temple again this week for the last time, kinda sad. But it went really well. I used your blue cards and I got them back, so I don’t know what to do with them?  But ok, so this Sunday Pres/Elder Evans (not sure what his title is) came to talk to all the missionaries!  In case you don’t know he is the guy that is in charge of all the missionaries and MTC’s in the whole world. He was so amazing. It was awesome because he only talked about the importance of families. I loved it because us missionaries try to just focus on the easy baptisms, but in reality we should be focusing on the families and converting them. Because just imagine how many generations will be blessed because of that one family. I mean come on, Elder Nielson has 60 grand kids all in the church!! This work is so amazing, and it’s NEVER going to stop! Oh, and it’s kinda crazy that I know when I’m coming home!   They gave me a card and it said that I’m going home Jan. 12, 2016. crazy huh?! Well so the new group of missionaries we got last week are a bunch of kids!! haha They look so young. It’s insane! But the lord trusts them and I hope they can mature up fast here and don’t waist the Lord’s time. But going back to the meastros, they are so amazing. They care so much about us and want to help us in any way they can. They will stop whatever is planned for the day, and if anyone has any problems they will make sure you either understand or fix any problem cuz we are more important than their schedule. I thought that was awesome. But I hope everything is going great at home and I want an update with everything, k? Everything! cuz my next p-day will be in Viña Del Mar!!! haha So crazy. And that reminds me that I probably won’t write next week. It just depends.  Well I love you so much and I want you to know that I think about you and pray about you guys all the time. I seriously cannot stop talking about all of you. It’s like my main subject with whatever I talk about. haha Anyways, I love you and miss you like crazy! Chao!!!

Love your son, Elder Pedersen

Hey pops!

I have seven minutes so let’s see how much I can write. I really love that story about the Total Transformation System thing. That really puts into perspective how much this gospel truly changes lives. I feel the Spirit and tear up every time I think about how much the Lord has truly given me. I read the other day in D&C and it said that if you serve the Lord, the Lord will remember your sins no more. He will forgive you of every past deed and give you strength throughout your mission and bless your family. It made me feel so happy and made me realize just how blessed I am being out here. I have grown so much and it’s a lot harder to say lessons in Spanish so me and my companion wanted to say it in English for a practice. So I was the missionary and he was the investigator – we were talking about the word of wisdom and idk what it was but the words were like that of the prophets. We were both getting teary eyed and I felt the Spirit so strong.  It’s like that time that I prayed after we read alma 24 as a District and I prayed and I started balling cuz I was so full of the Spirit and then everyone else started crying. It’s just something else! I just can’t wait to teach the Lord’s people in Chile. I just need to learn the language better!! haha

That sounds like a fun game! I wish I were there. And yea McKenna is so stinkin cute! I miss her like crazy! She emailed me and I just loved it! I miss her sweet spirit a lot.

But dad I want you to know that I talk about you all the time to my companion and tell him how amazing you are. I told him that if I got to choose to be anyone in the world when I grow up, it would be you. You’ve shown me what a true dad should be like and how to raise a family. I can’t believe brother Hassel started to cry teary. That makes me feel good that he cared about me that much.

I’m going to Viña Del Mar next Tuesday so I don’t know if I’ll have a pday or not. I’m hoping I will so I will have time to send pics!! Well I love you and miss you so much! Tell the family I love them and I loved the pictures too! Keep sending them! Aand you are so funny, I actually miss you saying “man, I am on one today” hahaha Gosh I love you dad and I want you to know that I strive every single day of my life to become like the amazing father you are. I love you and miss you more than you know.
Love your son, Elder Pedersen


One thought on “Last week in the MTC!

  1. The change in these “kids” is amazing. Love ya Kenny! So glad I can keep up on you via the blog…thanks Tina!

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