Camera & money gone….but all is well in La Serena.

OHHH MANN!!!! DSC_2947

Okay so to start off…camera, gone. The assistants to the president took our stuff to the chapel and when I grabbed my stuff, my camera wasn’t there. I’m really hoping they find it or that’s everything in the MTC, gone. I really hope they can get it back or that’s going to really stink. And that reminds me my Mission President is soo amazing. He could seriously be the next president of the United States. Ha-ha his wife is so cute and happy and so is he. They have three kids, they are so cute as well. When I had the interview with him, I was the only one to invite him to be baptized; (ha-ha) he was amazed and after he told me that all I needed to do was learn the language. And also he said I couldn’t wear my CTR ring because it was too big, which sucked because I hadn’t taken that thing off for years. but anyways back to the language thing, I think that’s why I’m with a Latino companion that doesn’t speak English… one more time, I’m with a Latino companion! Ha-ha it’s really hard sometimes. But he is so amazing! He really helps me and is really patient. Has been out for 6 months and is a stalwart missionary. He knows so much about the gospel and teaches really well. Has always telling me “tranquillo Elder, Tranquillo” which means calm down. Ha-ha as you can imagine I’m always high strung because I want to learn this language so bad and it’s kind of hard, but I’m learning so much faster than I would with a gringo. But I’m in La Serena, the most beautiful place ever! The weather is weird; it’s really cold in the morning and really hot during the day, like I’m sunburn.

The members here and the bishop are AMAZING! They seriously know how to treat missionaries. And to answer dads question. The food is amazing. I didn’t even think I would say that it’s probably better than a lot of American food. It’s just sooo good. It was a five hour drive to get here and I had to leave all my friends at the MTC that were staying there in the other cities.. Sad. But it’s all good cuz La Serena is amazing! Oh,  I also lost all my money. Idk where it went. Like I had it in my wallet and then it was gone. I swear either the people here hate me, or Satan is really working his butt off. Ha-ha, I gotta say that I’ve had to use another one of Shanna’s letters. But man do they help! I lOVE them; she really knew I would need them out here! I never thought that this work was this hard. It’s honestly been crazy going from the MTC to the mission. Such a big difference! But it’s all worth it because I’m helping others come unto Christ and get baptized!

It’s amazing how powerful this work is! Its funny cuz the people here want to learn English so bad, a lot of the members take English classes and try to use English around me, it’s awesome!  The people here LOVE beef jerky and twizzlers. Really random. I also could use some bisquick now that I think about it 😉 but there’s a place here called Valle Elque and I guess people come from all around the world to look at the stars here. They have a lot of those dome things I forget what they are called, but its soo cool.

Thank you so much for the inspirational talks and insights from you and dad. I’m going to try to print them off. And that’s crazy they are doing that with the temple, that’s awesome! I can’t wait to see it. And I know, that little girl is so cute! I wrote her first 😉 ha-ha I miss her so much and I miss you all so dang much. I made myself some French toast this morning… big mistake! it made me miss you guys so much! But that’s so exciting about Kellin! I’m so proud of him. I miss him a lot and oh man, don’t even get my started on Daniel. He was also my best bud back at home.  And tell everyone that I love them with all my heart and that I will try to email them next week if I have more time. I only get an hour and a half to write which isn’t that long, but I guess I just have to write fast!! Also, look on our mission website it has some picture of our group I think! Well I just want you guys to know that I have the best family in the world and idk what I would do without you guys. Not emailing for 2 weeks really killed me, but I got through it!! Have an amazing week and know that you’re always in my prayers and I’m working my butt of to do what the Lord has asked me to do. I love you guys so so so so much!!!!! Always thinking about you!!

Love your son, Elder Pedersen

P.S. my cavity cracked so i have to go get it fixed tomorrow, yea so much for cavities being strong!! haha Love you!!


To Dad:

Hey paps! It’s not going to be long, so just read moms. I’m in la Serena and the members and bishop here are amazing. Your prayers really paid off! Ha-ha and I also have… a Latino companion. It’s tough sometimes but I’m learning a lot just like my mission pres wanted (read in mom’s letter about him). Your prayers are really helping, and I need all I can get!! My companion is super awesome. There’s nothing I don’t like about him. This is saying a lot because before the mission I’m sure I could have found something about him I didn’t like. I’m really trying to change and be strong for not only you guys but my Savior. I need to focus on the people here and help them come unto Christ. I love you with every fiber of my being and I want you to know that I’m really happy here. The people are amazing. My companion is amazing. My mission president is amazing. The food is amazing 😉 ha-ha, and of course, this work is amazing. I will do all I can to become the man my savior wants me to become (so basically you) ha-ha. Your everything I want in my future life and I’m doing everything I can now to steer me in that direction. Pray for me to learn the language and to not be home sick, cuz that’s really what I’m struggling with right now. But I hope Kellin, Daniel and McKenna are doing great and give them all my love! I miss you and love you so much!!!


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