I love Mondays…La Serena is beautiful!!!

DSC_2943DSC_3017DSC_3102DSC_3120DSC_3175DSC_3177DSC_3191DSC_3196DSC_3343DSC_29431800px-Centro_Historico_de_La_Serena1800px-Coquimbo5La_Serena-Coquimbo_BahiaDSC_3339Man I love Mondays!!

Well to start off my stinkin keyboard is sticking and driving me nuts so I hope I don’t miss letters or words. Ha-ha anyways man it makes me so happy to hear from you every week! Your letters give me so much strength along with dads of course! But I cannot believe Dad still has a cold after a week! I will definitely be praying for him and you guys are going to Disney World this week?  I’m so excited for you guys. Its amazing how much the people here love Disney stuff, it makes me miss good old America.. Ha-ha and you are so funny your already starting to write Sunday nights!  That’s really cool about the genealogy, we haven’t been able to do that yet, but I know I will one day!  I can’t blame the kids cuz it was hard for me to get into it as well; they just don’t understand how important it really is. And to answer your question, I never get to play the piano. But I listen to it all the time! So that’s good. the language is coming along, but every time I feel like I’m improving, the Lord humbles me and reminds me of how much more work I really have to do.

I pray for you guys all the time and will be praying even harder for you guys to be really safe on this trip. Oh man, I really love that girl! McKenna is so cute with her dance pictures Dad sent me and I know that it’s been hard knowing Hope is leaving, but she’s a strong girl and I know she can get through anything because she not only has the Lord on her side, but she has the most amazing family in the entire world! Skylar probably reminds you of me because he’s so stinkin handsome. Ha-ha and goodness Chanelle, find a man already!! Shanna and Adam keep up the cute work 😉 and man do I miss those girls!!!

Ok now my report. Last p-day I cleaned our bathroom spotless because it looked so disgusting. But it was kind of disappointing not having you around to tell me I did a great job. And I honestly prayed to thank the Lord for having the opportunity to clean our pension… kinda funny but the Lord has really blessed me out here with so much! I had my first completo out here and it was seriously the best thing EVER! Ask Christopher about it, he will know. And did he get my letter yet? And I haven’t received his package yet..

I asked a lady if she would like to hear about the gospel for the first time in the field and she said yes!!  It felt really good to do that but I wish she would just commit! I’m going to be having a lot of dental work these next few weeks about $400 worth. Yea tell me about it. My teeth suck!!

This week we didn’t get any new investigators and it’s really hard to work this hard and not see the fruits of our labor. But I know that we are planting seeds and the Lord will bless us if we keep doing what’s right and trying our hardest!! And again, the language is coming along.. Mas o Menos. ha-ha it’s just hard cuz I love these people so much and I want to talk to them and get to know them, but I can’t cuz I don’t know the language. But I know that if I keep studying and work hard the lord will bless me with the gift of tongues! Also I want you to say happy birthday to Grandpa Pedersen, Adam, and Grandma Henrion. I really miss her cooking… but it’s all good I’ll just have to suffice with pre packaged cookies! Also, I want you to tell me all about your trip, how Kellin and Daniel are, and I want their emails!!

Well I love you all so much and its really getting cold here, I love it!! Ha-ha nothing much besides that. I hope you guys have an amazing safe week and tell everyone I love them and miss them all so much!!!

With love, your son

Elder Pedersen


To Dad:

Man, I love you so much dad. I love getting your letters. I’m really sorry you’re not feeling well and with the Lords help I know you will be better for your trip!! And yea the lord has really blessed me a lot with everything here. The language is really tough sometimes, and others it’s great. When it comes to stuff outside of the gospel, I can’t understand a thing! Ha-ha but it’s just going to take time. The Lord blesses those that serve him and keep his commandment. And I’m pretty sure I’m keeping them all so we will see how that goes! Ha-ha

And man, I’m so jealous of you guys! Disney World it truly the happiest place on earth outside the Temple, Church, and home. Ha-ha I love that place. I know you guys will have so much fun! Mom is truly working really hard to make sure you guys have a fun time there and so I know you will!

I hope through the lord I WILL “Be something”. That’s my goal. I don’t want to be the boy I was when I left. I mean I want to be like Moroni, Mormon, Nephi, and my dad. You are seriously everything to me and I hope you know how much I love you!

And oh man! Thanks for the package pops!! I know it’ll be great whatever it is. And I know, it kind of sucks not getting the packages till zone conference, but that just makes me look forward for them even more!!

I’m really happy to be out here. I taught my first lesson all by myself and it was terrible!!! Ha-ha I was so irritated, but I just know that’s its one lesson at a time.  And every time I teach I get that much better.

We had like no success this week which is depressing, but I know that if we keep doing what’s right the lord will bless us tremendously!

Well I love you with my entire heart dad and will be praying for you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                Also,let me know how Kellin, Daniel and Christopher are doing!!

Miss you like crazy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Your future twin,

Elder Pedersen




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