The Lord has blessed me sooo much!!!


I bet you guys are having so stinkin much fun in Disney World!! I really wish I would have used up all the time we had in Disney land a while ago. I was just not in the right place and I really regret it. But that’s one of the reasons I’m here; to change the way I was and become the man I want to be!!

Gosh, I’m so sorry you guys were sick. That’s never fun to be sick on a vacation! But at least it was in Disney world, right?? Ha-ha. But I’m glad you guys are all better! McKenna probably didn’t get sick because she has such a strong spirit that no evil thing could ever enter her body!! Ha-ha. I’m so happy to get pictures from dad and I’m going to try to send a couple to you guys!

I’m learning so dang much out here mom, like you have no idea. I still have so much to learn, but the lord has blessed me soooo much it’s unreal. He truly does bless those who serve Him with full purpose of heart. But this week was awesome. We have two new investigators Silvia and Mildred. They have such amazing spirits and I know for a fact that Silvia will accept this gospel because when we gave her a BOM, the light in her eyes was just miraculous. And Mildred, it’s a little hard because we asked her to be baptized and she said no, but she still wants to learn more and I hope she prays and feels the Holy Ghost in her life. We are teaching them both tonight along with Nelda who is a mom of a member and we are going to ask her to be baptized and I’m praying that she says yes!! Cuz she’s amazing and would do marvelous things in this church and is blessed beyond comprehension.

The members here are so amazing. We are actually going to play tennis on clay courts today with Hon Cifuentes. It’s going to be sweet!! My first time too!! I wish I had my dang camera… if I don’t find it by our zone conference this Thursday, I’m going to have to buy another one because I’m missing a ton of opportunities for pics!!

The language is really hard but I just gotta keep studying and try to talk a lot more. That’s my problem. But it’s hard when you don’t have words!! Ha-ha. But yes the members are perfect here and help missionaries a lot!! And feed us amazing food every day. I had my second new meal here and it’s called mote con huesijo. sooo gross. Ha-ha but they were nice about me not being able to eat it 😉

Well I am going to go! Thank you for everything and I hope you guys continue to have an amazing time in Disney world!!! Send me a little somthin somthin from there 😉 haha I hope I get your package this Thursday too. I’m excited!!!

Well I love you all with all my heart and I’m sorry if I missed some stuff I wanted to say.. I left my planner in the casa..

I miss you and pray you make it home safe from paradise!!!

Your consecrated missionary,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Elder Pedersen



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