1st Companion DSC01130 LaSerenaIntro201 UntitledIt was seriously sooo amazing! I don’t want to waste time talking about all of them, but gosh I don’t think I remember a time in my life where I’ve been so depressed for conference to be over! It was a great blessing to hear them in English. The first talk of the conference was in Spanish for me because they couldn’t get the English to work  and of course, guess who the first talk was? Holland!!!!!! I was so irritated. But it’s all good, the rest of the talks were fantastic! I really missed crepes and doughnuts….

I’m glad you guys had an amazing time in Disney World. And that stinks that McKenna got sick, I’m glad it happened at home though, because that’s never fun while traveling.  The earthquake wasn’t too bad. But it was funny because we woke up and it started right away, and my comps was like “vamos a moiré!!!” I was laughing so hard. It means “we are going to die!!!” ha-ha. He’s so funny at times. I’m sure he’s even more funny, but I wouldn’t know because my Spanish is so bad 😉 ha-ha.

And no… None of our investigators have been progressing lately. We fasted this week for that opportunity. We have the lessons, but they just don’t keep commitments. And that’s crazy about Tanner and the others. I’m so proud of all them!

Tell Christopher and Ella happy birthday from me and I hope Christopher got my mail! I haven’t received ANY mail yet in my mission. Kind of stinks but I should be getting it next week.

So more about this week.. My comp is tone deaf, and tennis was AMAZING in the clay. This guy in our Ward has a membership and he’s like crazy good at tennis. I almost beat him, but I hadn’t played forever!!  I’m so scared to get fat out here. Cuz they feed us so much and it’s almost impossible to wake up in the morning to work out, but I have to if I want to stay in shape! Also its crazy cold here in the morning and night. I’m sure it’s getting really nice there cuz its spring right? I love that time of year.

Our bishop here is so amazing. We went to his house to talk with him and he gave us great advice and taught my comp how he should help me with Spanish. He seriously is so great. Our zone meeting with the misión president was so cool. I had to give the first vision in front of everyone and I did pretty well. Pretty nervous. Ha-ha, but also he gave us a BOM to read and a card to mark when it talks about Satan, obedience, the Lords name in any way, and prayer. It’s really cool, but hard for me because I don’t understand everything. That’s what’s cool because it makes me really study the scriptures. We have to read it in three months which is going to be hard for me in Spanish but with the Holy Ghost I can do it!!  Ok you still haven’t told me if I should buy a camera or not! I think I’m going to just do it today, because I’m missing a lot of opportunities.

(Ran out of time after writing a couple siblings so dropped a couple lines here to the rest)

Shanna and Adam- you guys are so amazing and I love seeing pictures of your little girls. They are so cute and I miss em soo much!! Keep up the good work, and is there going to be another one soon? 😉 And give Ella a huge kiss for me for her b-day!!

Christopher and Jessica- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BRO!! I hope you had an amazing birthday and that you got something cool 😉 ha-ha. Did you get my package? I haven’t got anything yet.. But dude it’s been really tough lately with the language. I haven’t had a lot of patience lately and I don’t know how to study during personal study. I don’t know whether I should study in English to better understand the gospel or study in Spanish? Also how’s Jessica? You guys pregnant yet? Ha-ha. How’s the work for you guys? How’s school? Started your little business yet?

Daniel- ha ha your one amazing kid and I hope you know that. I miss you so freaking much man and I want you to know that you’ve always been an amazing example to me. You’ve shown me what true happiness is through doing that which is right. Your musical talents are incredible, so use them. Take choir because it will grow you in ways you never realized. I promise you that. I’ve used my skills from choir countless times through my life and now too. Always read the scriptures and pray EVERY DAY. Even though you don’t think Satan is tempting you, you need to study the scriptures every day. No matter what. And pray with real intent and with the opportunity to share the góspel with others like the apostles have told us in conference. Keep up the good work,  also how’s your guitar playing? And are you with any girl? cuz if you are.. Stop. Ha-ha and try to stay away from Video games. You and Kellin. It’s ok once in a while, but remembers that you’re wasting the lord’s time and gain nothing from playing it. Start Reading more. It will help you tremendously on your mission and for school.

McKenna- oh don’t even get me started, you are one amazing girl and I’m so proud to call you my little sis. I love you so much and your life is perfect, so don’t ever be ungrateful. You’ve been given perfect parents that love you and brothers that will always be there when you need anything. USE THEM. They love you and want to help you. How’s school going?? Love you to death my sweet sis!!!

well I want you guys to know that I love you with everything in me and I pray to not miss you guys so much cuz EVERYTHING makes me think of you. Especially conference. Oh man..crepes!!!!! Its weird cuz they don’t have a lot of normal ingredience out here. Sorry for not capitalizing a lot, it’s hard because it’s Spanish correctors.

Well I love you so much and I hope all is well at home! Keep me up on the now too. You know how much I love hearing about you all. Thanks you for being the best family a man can have. I will do all I can to change into the man the Lord wants me to be. And you don’t need to tell me twice, it’s not an option. I WILL return with honor. And I’m going to do everything to be “the fourth missionary”

Love your missionary,

Elder Pedersen



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