Great Easter week!!

April 2014 La Serenaadjetivos.001-001DSC_0085DSC_0088DSC_0095IMG_7691Kenny April 14 (1) Kenny April 14 (2) Kenny April 14 (3) Kenny April 14 (4) Kenny April 14 (5) Kenny April 14 (6)Great week!!

So much to talk about its crazy!! To start off I don’t know what to do because changes are tomorrow night so I can’t set anything up until I know where I will be. And sorry if there are errors, this keyboard is not so good. But yea Easter was weird. They do a couple things differently for Easter here, the people just give some candy out, which is ok. They talk about Christ a lot more which I thought was good but weird only because we should be talking and thinking about Christ all year long, not just one day out of the year. But here they celebrate a whole week for Easter! The kids don’t have school and no one works, Kind of crazy.

But that’s crazy that Jonathan is already back!!

I was never able to hear Elder Holland’s talk because it was in Spanish. But I really love that! You guys are going to Sunriver for McKenna’s b day?!?! Oh my gosh, how spoiled is that girl!! But she deserves it.

And yes I got the package!!

It was soooo amazing. Why pictures of Mary?? Ha-ha, but an iPod?!?! You guys seriously know how to spoil a missionary 😉 it’s exactly what I needed. Podcasts and everything!! I listen to it in the kitchen, at night. Whenever I have free time!! Soo excited about that. And there’s top romen here.. Ha-ha, but it’s the thought that counts 🙂 and the potatoes… I almost cried. Ha-ha. I gave some of the jerky to my bishop because he loves that stuff!! Gosh it was all sooo amazing. Dads talk is seriously amazing. I’m tearing that thing apart, you have no idea. And the bisquik.. Ugh. Ok ill stop. Ha-ha

So changes are tomorrow and I’m scared cuz I really don’t want to change.. So we will see what happens. I bought a camera so I have some pictures!! 🙂 And this week was great; I’m learning a lot of Spanish. And actually when we were in interchanges I was with the zone leader and we went to a member’s house and out of nowhere he told me to give the thought. I freaked out!! Ha-ha because I had nothing. But I looked and looked and found the scripture in D&C about the testimony of Joseph smith about the BOM. And after I described the importance of sharing our testimony with others because we know that this is the one true church and we know that this will change their lives, the sister looked at me and said “I understood every word you said”. I seriously almost cried. It was seriously all through the spirit and I know that the gift of tongues is real because I’ve only been here for a little bit and she understood everything. Also, our last lesson of that day we were at a sister’s house that is investigating the church but doesn’t want to get baptized, when my my comp talked to her about baptism, and I hadn’t said a thing yet and she looked at me and said, “what do you think?” And I looked up, with tears in my eyes and said that I just can’t understand why people don’t want to follow the Savior. I know that you know that this is His one true church and you don’t want to follow him because you don’t want to give up tea. Basically it ended up with her going to church and starting to read and pray. It was an amazing day for me spiritually.

We have a new family and a new sister. They are doing great and we have appointments with them today so we will see if they are progressing!!

It’s amazing that it’s been three months already but I just hope I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing!!

Well I love you all and I hope you guys had an amazing Easter celebrating the life of Christ 🙂                                                               Miss you like crazy and can’t wait for mother’s day!!!!!

Your forever son, who loves you more than you know.

Elder Pedersen



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