I love this work!!

may 2014 2 May 5th 2014 May 5th 2nd comp May 5 may 5 2014Changes!!!

Yes my companion changed… it really stinks because we really bonded
this last week and he had to change. He is now a new zone leader
somewhere. He is such a stud!! I’m going to miss him a lot, but my new
comp is great too! It’s just different I guess. He LOVES music which is
awesome. It’s great to find someone that has that same interest. It’s
hard to find someone that loves music more than me. Ha-ha, he listens
to music 24/7 and I love it. But sometimes his music is weird.
but this week was really great! Just a lot of changes. I’m basically in
charge of what we do because my comp doesn’t know this area and it’s
kind of tough at times. Oh and he’s Latino… I thought for sure I’d
get an American but nope! I guess the Lord really wants me to learn
this language!! Ha-ha and Spanish is really coming along, as long as I
study hard every day the Lord blesses me with the gift of tongues, it’s

We haven’t had any new investigators and none have stuck with us so it’s been hard.                                                                                                                                                                             My new trainer is really into fewer actives because he was one once. Ha-ha so I hope he doesn’t just focus on them                                                                                                               and not on new people. We also have other missionaries in our ward in case I forgot to tell you before.                                                                                                                                     And one of them changed out and we got a brand new Latino missionary. He’s so full of excitement and Ilove it!                                                                                                                     I never want to lose my excitement for this work.

I want to be an amazing missionary. And I just pray I’m doing everything the Lord wants me to be.                                                                                                                                               I was reading the talk, The Fourth Missionary this morning and

it was awesome! I’m just starting to read about the third missionary.
It’s amazing! It gives me so much strength to try harder and harder
every day. I’ve been learning so much out here it’s insane! I’ve been
really interested in prayer lately and I came across 3 Nephi 18,
18-20 and me just love that if you pray God will give you the strength
to overcome temptation. And I truly believe that. The lord is always by
outside and wants to hear from us all the time. It’s like you guys
getting my email every week. Your just on the edge of your seats
waiting for me to write (I hope!) ha-ha, and so is the Lord. He’s always
there and all we have to do is fall on our knees in fervent prayer and
he WILL answer if we have real intensions.

Well that stinks that dad and Adam were sick this weekend, that is
probably why I didn’t get an email from him. But Christopher and
Jessica surprised you guys!! How fun! And I doubt you guys talk about
me that much. Come on! Ha-ha but yes I do love tinker bell 🙂 ha-ha

But I’m glad to hear that everything at home
is going great and that you guys are having the times of your lives in
Sunriver as I’m serving our Lord and savior 🙂 I have really grown to
love the Lord so much out here and the importance of EVERYTHING.
like scriptures, prayer, leaders and just so much more. I’d say families
but I’ve already learned the importance of families through your
amazing examples. you’ve taught me so much and I’m so blessed to have a
family that cares about me and teaches me the importance of doing the
things the Lord wants me to do not because my parents tell me, but
because I want to. Because I love him and want to live in his presence
after this life and make him proud of what I’ve accomplished in this

Well about mother’s day I don’t know what to do about that whole Skype
thing. I’ll try to set it up before, but no guarantees! I’m way excited
though and I hope you prepare questions before for me and I’ll try to
do the same!

Love you all so much and I hope you have an amazing week!!

Your missionary,
Elder Pedersen



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