Great Week!! Can’t wait to see and talk to you!

2nd companionHoly cow you  just wrote! Ha-ha, I hope all of you are getting better. Man that stinks about all the sickness. I’ve been REALLY blessed to not have gotten sick once my whole mission and I haven’t had back pains. Pretty sweet. I have been so blessed, the Lord definitely blesses those who serve him with all their hearts!!

I’m sooo excited for this Sunday!! It will be around 3 or 4 here so that’s like 12 there? Idk but we will call first too I think! It’s crazy how quick this has com I can’t even believe it! My companions name is Elder Choque which is funny cuz it means like a crash in Spanish. Ha-ha but he s from Bolivia and basically has served in three areas because he was called to Venezuela and there were problems there so he had to come here. He’s only been here for the same amount of time as me so it’s funny. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes but this keyboard is terrible and I don’t have time to fix it,  but he’s pretty great. there’s a few things that I’m being tested with, but that’s good I guess cuz it’ll make me grow that much more! 🙂 He’s just a lot different than elder Valencia. But it’s all good!

And yes I do ill try to send them with this 🙂 I’m glad too that she keeps up the website it’s kind of funny because we had interviews with the President  this last week and he was saying that she’s making him take pictures with all us.  oh and btw it went really well. I wasn’t even scared cuz my Spanish is getting a TON better. I have so much more to learn but I can actually talk to people. It’s probably terrible Spanish but they understand! Ha-ha and I know it reminded me to wish her and Daniel and you a happy birthday! And mother’s day of course!! 🙂

That’s really great that they are going to prom. I hope they go with a group cuz that’s always better.                                                                                                                                       But what the heck?! No she didn’t!! She took pictures of Jabari Parker?? She must be getting really great business now a days!! She’s so awesome. I’m so proud of my big sis! 🙂 But I’m glad the conference was great! That’s so true about what you said, women go through so much more than men it’s crazy. That’s why the prophets have talked about treating women with the utmost respect. Cuz they are sooo much better than us men. I’m just glad I have an amazing mother that makes that easier on us kids 🙂 ha-ha. You truly are amazing mom, and never forget that.  Know that in the past I’ve not always treated you like you deserved, but I promise you that that will never happen again and that when I get back, you’re going to be spoiled with kindness and love from your son 🙂

So we are starting to teach English here and another Elder and I are going to be teaching it. Isn’t that cool ? Also piano classes. Ha-ha kind of crazy but it’ll totally bring investigators in! That’s crazy about all the missionaries in the ward. And that’s awesome about all those baptisms!! Going to be a lot different when I get back!

I have a baptism in two weeks!!!!!!!!! It’s going to be basically a member but we lost his records. He’s 19 and w has to re teach him all the lessons. It’s actually really good because he doesn’t have a strong testimony so it’ll be like a brand new investigator 🙂 so excited!! And all our other investigators are going great too!! Hope they pray and read and meditate like we’ve asked them!

Gosh it just seems weird that I will see all your faces n like 6 days!! 🙂 can’t wait. Love you all and I’ll see you Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you with all my heart.

Your missionary,

Elder Pedersen


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