A perfect Mother’s Day!!




Man it feels crazy that I just talked to you guys!! It just feels so unreal. But oh my word it just felt awesome talking to you. It was like I was at home just having a normal conversation. I LOVED it, but didn’t want it to stop. I’ve had to really focus my mind to not think about you guys too much because I just get super home sick. And that’s when the Lord helps me out! 🙂 It wasn’t hard to speak English; just a few words were tough. Ha-ha Thank you, but no, my Spanish is horrible when I speak. But I can understand a ton. That’s the gift of the interpretations of tongues for sure! I pray for that and the gift of tongues every single day.

All of you looked basically the same besides Abby and Ella! I didn’t get to see Ella but Abby was so dang big! I couldn’t even believe it. Christopher has a beard, which was different to see one on him. But yea, everyone was pretty much the same. I really started to miss you guys when I saw dad in the apron cooking. Ha-ha idk why but I just really miss seeing that. And all your guys antics and little things each of you do. I just loved it. I got a lot of great insight from you guys too on what to do for studies and just to always be positive no matter what.

And don’t worry about me keeping the rules! I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do and more. There are just little things that my other comp did that are different from this one. And if its a big deal I tell him and we talk about it. So no worries 🙂 if its something Jesus wouldn’t do, I don’t do it.

And honestly after I gave you guys that challenge I felt kind of lame. I felt like it wasn’t that great of a commitment for you guys. cuz no one really reacted the way I was thinking, or maybe you were just thinking about it. But I hope you take it seriously cuz us missionaries are only here in the wards for a certain time, and it’s you that keep the investigators coming! I’ll be praying for you guys to have spiritual opportunities to share the gospel and invite people to learn about the only true and everlasting gospel upon the earth. Because as it states in the scriptures, if you have a knowledge of the truth its your job to share it with others. Especially because we know that they can only be saved through this gospel. So get to work!!

So I’m not getting any emails from dad just so you know. So idk what’s happening. And have you guys sent me a package of the stuff Christopher gave you? cuz I could really use it.

Love you guys all with my heart and also tell Tyler I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to him, I actually felt really bad about that all day. So let him know that I’m sorry and that I hope his life is going great!

Have an amazing week and I can’t wait to hear from you next week 🙂

Your forever son who loves you all to pieces!!                                                                                                                                              Con amor, Elder Pedersen


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