This is the TIME!!


That was the craziest letter I think I’ve gotten out here! Ups and downs all over the place!! So I’m going to respond in order. Ha-ha

You guys all went up to Sunriver? Wow!

You guys are honestly so awesome to us kids it’s incredible, you both care about us sooo much. In response to what you were talking about, here is a little bit of insight for parenting from Elder David A. Bednar. He was talking about when he was parenting his kids in one conversation with Sheri Dew. He said that one night his son came home late and he started his usual old speech of what his son had done wrong. And his son stopped him and said, dad we have heard this speech a million times and all us kids have actually numbered your speeches. you have 8 (or whatever) and he went on to say that instead of wasting both of our time, how about when I do something wrong I’ll tell you the number and give myself the punishment that I needed. And then Elder Bednar went on to say that we as parents think that giving our kids this huge long lecture is going to change their attitude, but really it doesn’t. We need to just help them to realize that what they did was wrong and that there’s a punishment. Why more?  Use the Lord as the person for them to look up to. Cuz after all he is our perfect example. And idk if that helps or not mom, but just hang in there!

Tell those boys to be proactive! I’ve wasted so much of my life watching mindless movies or playing video games. Once in a while is fine. But they need to USE their time preparing for their missions. THIS IS THE TIME! Another reminder to use preach my gospel as part of your guys reading every day as a family. Every single member of our ward has a preach my gospel and I know that it’s changed this ward a lot. They know the lessons and it’s a great tool to learn about the gospel. I’m so glad Dad holds the priesthood at home to give the kids and you blessings. I know that it can be such an amazing guide and a defense from the adversary. If I were Dad I would give blessings even more. I’m so grateful for all the blessings I had as a kid, and I’ve given my comp a couple already, pretty tough in Spanish! Ha-ha but it always brings the spirit.

HAHA, I can’t believe dad needs to get that already! That stinks. Good luck pops! 😉 And btw he needs to write me! I haven’t gotten anything from him! (He hasn’t been receiving his Dad’s letters, he writes every week)

And wow that’s crazy about Dee. I’ll be praying for her and you guys of course for your trip. Gosh you are just having the time of your life out there huh?? Ha-ha hope you guys have fun with Chanelle! That’s going to be so good for you guys to serve while you’re their! It’ll be even better for McKenna to feel the spirit of service 🙂 How long are you guys down there?

No way?? How weird. I hope everything is ok with them! Why are they moving??

And I love that quote too, because that’s really something I need to study and change about myself. Thank you Mom 🙂

Oh my goodness I totally forgot but I had my first baptism Saturday!!! it was at 8.30 PM and the water was cold because we didn’t know how to work the font 😉 ha-ha but the next day he received the Holy Ghost and he got ordained to the office of a priest, AND blessed the sacrament all in one day!!  pretty great huh?

And my studying is a lot better thanks! 🙂 The inspiration of my FAM!! Love ya all!!!

My investigators are great! We have this cute little family. Jannet, javiera and Eduardo. They aren’t married but want to really bad. They just have no money. Jennet was married once and had two kids. Melanie is her other child but there’s problems and she left the house to go to her dads or boyfriends, I don’t really know. And she’s only 13!!! Crazy huh? Javier is soo cute. She reads with her mom, and they are alone in the house because of state problems with Eduardo and Javier, that’s why they want to get married and Javier loved Edward. I want them to get baptized so badly!! But Javier is 9 years old. She tells us about what she reads and wants to go to church so bad. They haven’t been yet because Javier has been sick. And jennet just had a lot of things to worry about with her daughter Melanie, but I hope they attend this Sunday! Our other investigators, we will just have to see. But they are my fav right now 🙂 we have 2 others but they are kind of flaky. Ha-ha

Well that’s all for this week. I didn’t get anything this month from any of you. I thought I’d get Christopher’s but nope. Ha-ha tries to send it so I can use his books! And you should send church DVDs because we use them a lot. Little church messages too or whatever! Well tell the family that I love them a ton and that Kellin and Daniel need to write me!! I haven’t heard from them a lot. Well have an amazing week and I love and miss you like crazy. I’ll send pictures next week forgot my cord 😉

Your son that loves you all to pieces.

Elder Pedersen



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