I love my area!

IMG_0175 IMG_0184 IMG_0214 IMG_0226Mommy!!!

Yea, that was a short letter! Ha-ha but its all good I’m sure you guys had such a blast! Your pictures looked like you did. My goodness that food looks sooo good and you all look so good! Ha-ha whose baby is that?? Amber and Brandon’s? But that’s so cool that you guys got to go to a music museum! I would totally love to go there. I should’ve gone there when I was with Chanelle! How is everyone down there?

But holy cow this week went by so fast! Its changes next week and I do not want to leave!! I love my area so much. And we have baptismal dates for a family that’s investigating, the Soto family!! They are so awesome and so strong. We had to teach the law of chastity this week to them because they weren’t living it, like everyone else here. Even the members, it’s weird. Like they will live together and not be married but the bishop says its fine. I don’t know. But anyway! After we taught them, Janet was like, if it’s a commandment from God ill do it. If it means that I can be a part of your church. The church of Jesus Christ, I’ll do it. So amazing!!

Gosh I’m scared to leave… i dont want to! Pray that I don’t.  but yea this week was great, I’m sending a lot of photos from this week and today. But my zone leader is going home this Sunday and it’s so crazy. He’s so strong and doesn’t want to leave. I hope that’s how I’ll be my whole mission! But he’s so awesome, we ordered dominos pizza the night that we had interchanges. It was sweet!  he did it with me before he did with his own comp. ha-ha I felt loved 🙂 But man there’s so much I want to talk about but not enough time. So this week also as I was doing my personal studies had an idea of when I find an awesome scripture I want to write in it a study journal and apply it to everyday life. I have like three this week.  The one I liked the most was 1 Nephi 7:17 and I said this about it

“At times in our life we feel bound by the influences of the adversary, and feel that there is no way out. But just like Nephi, as our great example, all we need to do is have faith in the Lord and cry unto him with all our might and he will “burst the bands with which we are bound“

I loved that and I just thought I’d do it every week just to share with the family or whatever 🙂 and also I was talking to the bishop last night about my scripture covers and I told him that I just want some covers to protect, nothing special. and he looked at me and said “Do you know how many people will be converted through those scriptures?“ oh my gosh I was dumbstruck, and right after, I was like “yup time to get me some leather scripture cases.“ ha-ha.

Well I think that’s allI have time for this week.  I hope everyone is doing awesome and that you’re all having the time of your lives! I pray for you guys every day and tell me how everyone is doing too!! 🙂 love you all!!!!

Con amor, your missionary,

Elder Pedersen


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