Congrats Kellin! Welcome to Valparaíso

Ciudad-Puerto-de-Valparaíso 400px-Mapa_loc_Valparaíso.svgIMG_0279 IMG_0295 IMG_0310Hey Mommy!!

So holy cow, this week was so crazy! I didn’t tell you about changes because it wasn’t yet. But I did change 😦 I’m with an awesome elder though. His name is elder Munoz and I’m going to “kill him”. (meaning; Kenny will be his last companion before he heads home) Kind of sad because Ill only have these 6 weeks with him because he really is an amazing missionary. He knows so much and I’m really excited about this change. I’m in Valparaiso O Higgins right next to where the huge fire was! Crazy huh? The hills here are INSANE. They are like / not even kidding. I’m gonna get ripped here! The ward is kinda small and not a lot of youth. But I guess it’s time to get to work!! Oh and my comp is a Latino. I’ve had 3 Latinos and they have all been district leaders. So crazy! I’m excited to be in this area and I hope and pray God gives me the strength to change the hearts of these people and bring them unto there Lord and Savior! We have 3 investigators and they are all teenagers. Kind of crazy! But only one is really progressing… we will just have to see!!

Oh my word your week had been insane!!! From Kellin graduating to Spencer coming to Chile!!! That’s so awesome. I’m so proud of Kellin. I know that he was kind of struggling with his GPA, but I’m glad he pulled it off!! I remember how awesome it felt to graduate and move on with my life. But honestly I would have done it over again to really take in the experience and get even better grades because I know that I could have done a lot better my first two years of High School! Bugs me sometimes. But it’s funny how similar the party was to mine. Almost exactly the same! But it was great none the less. That picture of all three of them looks so good! What a great picture. I wish I could’ve had one like that! But I know. The time is flying out here!! And so many things are happening at home it’s insane!! I can’t believe Spencer and Ryan already got there calls!! Gosh they seem so young!!! But I’m sure they will prepare well for what’s to come. That’s going to be crazy to have Spencer and me in the same country! How cool is that!!!

That’s so cool about the missionaries. I’m definitely going to use that in one of our visits with members this week! Those 5 little points are great. How sincere and powerful! I’m glad they are working a lot with the ward cuz that’s what keeps the members active and working to bring others to Christ. And geez I love that quote so much!! Cuz it reminds me a little of my area 😉 I’m always going up! But really that’s a cool analogy. I already wrote it down. It’s going to be on the wall! Just like my room was at home. But my president is awesome! He always knows what to say. We are having a meeting with Lynn D. Ribbons Tuesday! I’m really excited and I hope I can get a lot out of his talk! And yea we write the president every week.

And yea I’ll check, but I think he needs to make sure its .net not .com and if it’s all good just have him make a new account because I hate not writing him! But yea I know Chanelle… its probably tough. But just stay strong and don’t let this pull you away from the Lord. USE the Lord to guide you on the right path and he will bless you with a husband. I promise 🙂

Have a wonderful week! I love and miss you all so much!!!

Your forever changed son,

Con Amor, Elder Pedersen



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