Happy Father’s Day!!!


I hope fathers day was great and that you were served like a king 🙂 haha im gonna send a package home for the fam and in it is a letter and some stuff for you!! I am so proud of you, holy cow dad. 4 hours!! i couldnt do that in 4 days!! i bet you had so much fun running it with Tim and the Smith fam! That stinks that your leg cramp made you lose to Dave, just let him know that he is a lucky man because my pops could beat him anytime anywhere!!haha That stinks about Tim though, I’m sure he was bummed to have that happen half way through. but its good that he finished! so Christopher and Jessica got to see you run? and that’s so fun to all be at Chads for dinner. I’ve only been to his house once, its like a little cabin.
But yea thats actually a really good analogy to use with Alma and Amulek. i love that story. And that reminds me of what Elder Robbins said, that when it seems super hard and you don’t want to go back to the same house, TURN AROUND and knock on it again. we need to be a little persistent like Elder Holland said.
But a little about my ward,  its smaller than La Serena and they are all old pretty much. They don’t work with each other much and its hard to get different people to come with us on lessons. But thats why im here right? haha, im gonna fix it!! But yea its pretty dang cold here. i have to wear two sweatshirts and sweats to bed sometimes with my only pair of wool socks. haha but its all good! i hope the hills here make me skinny cuz im gettin fat from the waist up!! And yes they do. every meal, which it awesome. and yes i do pops! And i hope i can stay that way for the rest of my life with you being proud of me 🙂
Hope that you have a great week and that everything is going great at home! Thanks again for the package, Everything in there was perfect. you know me all too well!!
Love you with all my heart my twin!!
Te amo mucho!
Elder Pedersen
My little sweet mommy,

I Had an amazing week and learned a ton from Elder Robbins. He is such a stud and knows so much about the gospel. he knows how to relate every topic with the scriptures, i love it! ill share it all at the end of the letter! But that so awesome that you guys were all together in salt lake. im sure you all had a stinkin blast! and how funny is that, when i read that apart about the piano book i was thinking “maybe shes gonna send it to me!” and then i realized too that i’m on a mission.. haha. how crazy it that that I’m here serving my Savior and Redeemer already. it seems like yesterday i was at home making crepes at Christmas. But nothing is better than being here 🙂
OK, so about Elder Robbins!! i will share a lot of random but awesome things he said.
So about how to use the atonement more he gave a few quotes that i shared with Kellin in a letter in the package ill be sending home. he said that “the sacrament helps us every week, but the atonement helps us every day”. i love that because people think that only the sacrament can make you clean but in reality, the atonement is what we are using every day because we sin every single day without fail. we need the atonement every day of our lives. and he matched Mosiah 24:13-16 with that i’m pretty sure. he also told us that if we didn’t love every one of our companions, we will not have a successful marriage. it was very direct and very true as well. and he said to learn and understand the doctrine of LOVE. because love is the very essence of the gospel and the Lord is our example, and its a commandment, make the decision to love, and ACT. he also talked about addictions and talked about how the study of the scriptures will give you the strength to overcome addictions (Helaman 3:29). he quoted someone, and i cant remember the name, but this man said two things. “when i started a true and deep study of the scriptures, my disposition to do evil left me” and “i wouldn’t dare not read my scriptures every morning, because i know that if i don’t, Satan will be right there to tempt me”. I know that that is so true from my own experience out here, i NEVER want to do anything evil and i’m rarely tempted. that promise is so true and i have felt the effects of it out here on the mission. He was also talking about D&C 14 and 15 and about how they are the same because you can ask the Lord if you should serve a mission over and over again, and he will just give you the same answer. to SERVE! and ill leave you with this question. Why does the Lord let us take the wrong paths? to help us know what is truly the correct path to take.
Man theres even more than that. I hope you can differentiate between me and him, but it was awesome!
You are so funny mom. you couldn’t read that print? haha i love you 🙂 well i hope you have an amazing week and that everything is going great and that you have a safe drive home!!
Les amo mucho!!
Your forever son,
Elder Pedersen

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