I am so BLESSED!!



I got moms letter thankfully, just in time and I’m glad she’s doing better! And yea you’re welcome! I hope nothing broke! But that other picture was for McKenna just so you guys don’t get confused with that. But anyways I’m glad you liked what I sent  you 🙂 a little piece of Chile!

And dad I definitely feel the same with all the blessings I have in my life. I constantly ask myself why I have been given so much. I look around and see these people with practically nothing, and then look at my life and I feel like I have everything. I seriously don’t think there is one thing I don’t have in my life right now. The Lord is blessing me in ways I cannot even describe. From the Saviors merciful sacrifice to my perfect family. I give thanks to the Lord every day for what I have and for giving me this opportunity to serve him here in Chile. My desire to serve him has grown so much and every day I’m out here I learn so much. I just wish I had more time to study the scriptures! I feel like my study time in the morning is like 15 min. I need 10 hours a day at least! Ha-ha

Le amo machismo 🙂

Oh man, you like JUST sent this message. I’m glad you got to write me though, because I would be pretty upset if it happened a second time 😉 But you never seem to fail! You’re so amazing mom, and never forget that. This week I’ve realized that my love for you guys has grown just in these short 5 months you don’t even know. I regret so many things. But this I do know, that when I return, I will NEVER be the same. The Lord has changed me for the better and I’m never going back to my old ways.

That stinks that you’ve been sick this week, how lame. I hate being sick. I’ve been really blessed out here with never being sick once. The Lord truly blesses his servants. And also I still have your pills that you gave me and they work like a charm whenever I feel something coming on. How cool is that? But no way!?!?!? She’s getting married?? That is so awesome! I’m so happy for her. She’s definitely been waiting a long time for this moment and deserves that beautiful experience. That’s awesome.

I forgot to tell you that we have a baptism this Sunday!!! I’m super excited. You’ll get to see a picture of us with her next week 🙂 her name is Camilla and she’s 13. Her little bro is a stud and he actually went into his mother’s room Sunday morning to ask if he could go to church! Could you imagine any of us kids doing that? Well I know that I never did that. Ha-ha and has only 7!! He will definitely be getting baptized this September on his birthday! And no I didn’t know that! I haven’t been teaching a lot about that, but I guess I should start studying it more and teaching it more in depth now. How crazy! I can’t believe someone would try to do that. I hope everyone at home isn’t falling into that. That’s what the devil is trying to do is slowly pull the women (usually the more humble ones) away from the church. We need the women to keep us men strong!! Gosh, I don’t like that. That really scares me and I hope it’ll just go away soon.

Well mom I hope you have an amazing week and that everything is going great back at home! I love you guys to death and I’m always praying you find ways to serve and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone!

Con total mi corazón,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Your son,

Elder Pedersen



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