Baptism!!! Happy Independence Day!

IMG_0354 (1) IMG_0361 (1)Hey my sweet mommy!

This week was really awesome! I felt the spirit so strong and learned so much, the baptism was super super awesome. Probably the best baptism I’ve ever been to. Because not only was Camilla’s family there, but her recent convert uncle baptized her! He’s only been a member for like 3 months! How cool is that? My companion said that he has never seen that happen in his whole mission. I feel super blessed. And to top it off her cousin told us after that she wants to get baptized too! So she is getting baptized the 20th of this month! The Lord truly works in mysterious ways! Because before she didn’t want anything to do with us, and she’s definitely done a 180 degree change.

But all in all this week was great! Accept Saturday for lunch, OH MY GOSH. so here’s the story, we had lunch with a member and they served us churanas, which are AMAZING, but I ate two plates of it, cuz I didn’t want my comp to beat me 😉 and my stomach almost exploded, it was so embarrassing because I was in their bathroom for one hour! I honestly thought I was going to throw up. We always have lunch with the four missionaries, so they had already given the spiritual though and left! So lame. Ha-ha, and yesterday they invited us over again to eat completos, which are like hot dogs with avocado. Soo much food, I swear it’s impossible to lose weight! Ha-ha

So we had a lesson in a house this week that I swear was so unstable. It was so freaky because the wind would blow and I felt like the house was just going to fall off the mountain (like on series of unfortunate events). So crazy! But she’s a little old lady that can’t really do much about it so from now on we are going to have the lessons in the home of a member 😉 ha-ha

That so awesome about Adam. He honestly has the gift of writing. I remember reading some of the letters he’s written to Shanna and just in general. It’s like it came from the mouth of elder Holland! He’s such a stud and imp glad he’s doing great.

How cool is that! You guys go there every week now? Lucky!! I miss grandma’s house. How are they doing? With health and all? And also grandma and grandpa Pedersen?

Well ill leave you with D&C 64:33, and want you guys to realize that this work really is amazing. And that if you really start by doing the small things, you will see your efforts. And the blessing of the Lord will pour down upon you. I have such a strong testimony of this work and imp really jealous of all the time you guys have to study and learn about the gospel. Cuz out here I don’t have a lot of time for that, so take advantage of the time you guys have and really use the counsel of the prophets. I’ve really felt the difference when I pray before I study. I learn so much more, and the Lord always directs me on what I need to be studying.

Well have an amazing week and know that I love you all so much! And miss you like crazy. Press forward with faith, NOTHING wavering!

Your forever changed son,                                                                                                             Elder Pedersen

P.S. should I take out a lot of money from my card so you guys aren’t charged for the fees every time I swipe my card? And I wanted to see if I could buy a new camera, the same as the one you bought me. because the one I have is huge and I can’t take it with me every day and I feel like I’m missing out on photos. What should I do?



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