Baptism….Companion went home today :(

Holy cow that was yet another crazy letter. But It was so awesome to see my companion have a baptism before he left and give her the holy ghost yesterday (for his first time, on the spot). Pretty crazy day yesterday. My comp was sick and while we were walking to church, this crazy dog almost ate us to pieces. Its fangs were out and barking like a foot away from my legs. I wanted to pelt that dang thing with a rock! We were also late because my comps bag broke and it was just a crazy morning. On top of that my comp had to give a 20 minute talk. He was so stressed! But it all went well.

It’s been such a crazy week though because my comp left to go home today and I’m with a missionary that’s really home sick because his comp left too. And honestly I feel so blessed right now cuz I haven’t been home sick at all. I’ve just been trying to build him up and I told him that when I feel home sick I drop on my knees and offer all my soul to the Lord and tell him everything that’s happening and EVERY single time after I finish, I feel at peace. And I go and clean 😉 ha-ha. But really I’ve realized out here how many blessings the Lord has given me. More than I could ever imagine. 

It’s been SUPER cold here these past few weeks. Its funny cuz it’s like the complete opposite than over there. I go to bed with two sweatshirts, sweats and two pairs of socks. Ha-ha and I’m still cold sometimes!! It’s weird that it doesn’t snow here though, cuz it’s raining all the time too. Oh man, this week one family invited us over for tacos and one of the sons put on Christmas music.. I almost died!! Cuz it was the old classic Christmas music. I felt like such a “chueco” (christopher will understand). Only because it was almost impossible to not listen. Ha-ha 

And I know!! I told you I was getting fat… I don’t know what to do. It makes me so sad. I guess I’m just not going to eat anymore 😉 ha-ha, but that’s insane about that lady. I can’t believe she was Mormon too! Ok I’m sorry but I got to say I giggled a little bit when you said you felt like you were in the mentalist. Cuz that was totally our show back at home! But does she have family there? And where is the family history library?

Thank you so much mom for all you do and for being such an amazing example to me and the family. Love you with all my heart and tell the family that I love them and miss them like crazy!!!

Give references to the missionaries! Cuz I didn’t receive one this whole change from the members here. It will help the missionaries a ton and bring blessing into your life by helping others receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ 🙂

Te amo,                                                                                                                                           Elder Pedersen


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