New Companion…Elder Marchant (my first English Comp.)

I got a new comp!!! It was changes this week and guess what?!…. He’s from mormonland, UTAH!! His name is Elder Marchant, and he is so awesome! He’s the district leader, and we get along very well and he’s actually clean!!!! It’s pretty awesome!! We were actually in the same ward in La Serena. So it was awesome to hear we were companions!! It feels soooo good to finally speak English, you have no idea. Ha-ha but I think I’ll learn more of the basics of Spanish with him, cuz he can describe things to me that I may not have understood before. We are going to make crepes today or this week sometime. He has a recipe so we will see how that goes! 

So yesterday we had an AMAZING lesson with the married missionary couple in the ward, the Smiths, and it was soooo amazing. I don’t think I’ve felt the spirit so strong. The spirit was just there the whole time cuz our investigator has been smoking, and we fasted WITH him this weekend. He’s so smart. He wants to stop smoking, and he thought realistically that if he didn’t eat, his desire to smoke would go down. And it did! Before it was 25 cigarettes a day, and now it’s only 2! That happened the day he fasted. And also he went to church and I swear the Lord is helping him so much cuz during church they talked about the word of wisdom and a brother gave his testimony that was so powerful and helped him so much! But going back to our lesson, he said something that really hit me. He said, “I thought at first that it was important to look for a reasonable doubt, and that I needed to have that first and then I could believe. But no, it’s the other way around. You need to show your faith first.” He said that he was reading the BOM and figured that out. It just goes to show that there’s convincing power in the BOM that no other book contains. And right after he said that Elder Smith bore his testimony, and the spirit was so strong. Gosh I could just write forever about it, but I’ll stop… for now.  Just an amazing testimony building experience for a lot of things.

Well this week has been amazing! Lots of crazy stuff to get done and am getting to know the other half of our area. Tons of work!! But I love it. We had four missionaries in the ward and now it’s just me and my comp (with a married missionary couple) and our bishop has been out of town to Canada for a month and finally got back, so I can finally meet him 😉 ha-ha. 

I’m glad to hear everything’s going great at home. 

And yes its getting pretty cold. Sometimes the sun will come out and get up to 75′, and then today its 40. I feel like I’m in Medford again. Ha-ha and he doesn’t need to finish that book, he needs to finish reading the book of Mormon. A lot more power than any other book in the world. And I can testify of that power through the changes in my life and through my investigators.

I’m sorry but this is going to have to be short, I had to get my visa done, so I don’t have time to write a ton! Hope you have a great reunion with everyone and send me pics!!

Con mucho Amor,                                                                                                                           Elder Pedersen



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