Amazing Week!! Zone Conference-New Companion!

1º Viñas y Valpos (1)Con Mat. ZeballosIMG_0419 IMG_0420Amazing week!!!

So to start off, Elder Zeballos came to Vina del Mar and we had Zone conference with him. He’s the only Chilean of the 70. He’s an amazing man of God and is just super chill with everyone. There’s so much about him and his wife that I love, but ill share with you one thing that he said. So he had his I-pad hooked up to the projector and he started drawing a picture of two mountains. One higher than the other. And he was at the bottom. So the moral to the story is that when we look at the mountain, we think… oh my word, there’s no way i can do that. But he powers through it and looks back and realizes that, wow, that wasn’t too hard. I can totally hike up the next one. And it’s kind of like our trials in life. They seem super hard at first (which I totally can relate to), but then after we accomplish it, the next ones just don’t seem that great of a challenge. And I just really loved that, I’ts soo true!!

So I have a baptism this weekend!!! Well this Thursday, I’m super excited! His name is Gonzalo and he went from smoking 25 down to 4 cigarettes a day, then finally completely quit!!  He is so committed and just a stud. He wants to be baptized so badly and I know he will be a great member! He bought three boxes of telepizza last night for us. Ha-ha, we ate them all 😉 and also this week we watched 17 miracles with a member as we ate papa johns (the best ever!). Yea I know, I’m fat… nothing I can do… haha. And I don’t know if I told you but we have these cards that have the questions of the soul on them that we are giving away instead of just pictures. It’s awesome. Really catches people’s attention.

Oh my word I’ve been sooo tired this week it’s insane. We’ve had to run home every night from late lessons. People just don’t stop talking here!!  Yesterday, we had this mission marathon with the ward, were every member goes in groups of three and goes with a piece of paper of less actives and visits them. Isn’t that cool? A lot of people had great experiences with it.

Wow you asked a lot of questions, but yes the bishop is working with us (kinda), he’s just really busy. And we are working a ton with new converts and yup my comp and I are great! He’s super awesome. It’s nice to talk about American stuff again! Ha-ha he is definitely a blessing to me. I love him already!

Well thank you for keeping me up on the news mommy 🙂 and I’m sure I’ve missed telling the FAM congrats on a lot of stuff but tell them that I love them and to keep strong in the faith and read the BOM every single day. I’ve really gained such a strong testimony of the BOM this past week. We started a new reading assignment to read it in 3 months and I’ve just gained so much respect for it. I love Nephi and his amazing example to follow the Lord no matter what he asks of him 1 Nephi 3:7

Miss you so much and I hope you guys have an amazing week 🙂                                                   Les amo mucho!!

Your favorite son and missionary                                                                                             Elder Pedersen


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