Zoneal! 38 Contacts

Crazy week!! It went by super fast!! Seems like you had an amazing week too! I didn’t read your talk yet, so I’ll respond to it next week (don’t have a lot of time). But it was so funny, one day running back from a lesson; my comp got bit by a dog. I don’t even know why he didn’t just kick the little thing! I wanted to just nail it with the power of the BOM 😉 ha-ha, but there wasn’t any blood so he didn’t have to get the 5 shot deal.

We went on interchanges this week and had a lesson with a SUPER wealthy lady. She was showing us around the house and she has everything! Like I’m not even kidding. All she was missing was the sword of Laban. Ha-ha! She had one of these three signed paintings in the world. A signed machine from Thomas Edison and just all kinds of stuff. But I was telling my comp that even after seeing all this, it made me really sad, becuase even though she thinks she has everything, she really has nothing without the gospel of Jesus Christ. And she knows it’s true but where her life is right now, she thinks she has everything and doesn’t need anything else. It was sad cuz we tried our hardest but only in time will she commit. We were busting out all this doctrine and thoughts, but all of it didn’t matter because she didn’t have that burning feeling from the Holy Ghost we were trying to get her to experience. I guess time will only tell!

Yesterday we had our “ZONEAL”. It was super fun. The most contacts I’ve had on my mission, 38! And the zone leaders got 113… Yea they are crazy. That’s only because they have all the people being in central and we had someone pass away from our ward and had a funeral. (Not to make excuses… but 😉 ha-ha). But yea it was kind of sad; the lady that passed away, but she’s with our Father in heaven now, and we all know that it’s a better place.

Oh and it was super funny. One of our contacts thought I was Chilean! I mean he was drunk and thought he was John the Baptist, but still!!! Ha-ha and today for P-day my convert is going to take us out on the town and show us around the cool parts of Valparaiso. It’s going to be so much fun! And he’s going to pay for all of it! I’m stoked!! Ha-ha

Jacob 5: 61-62, 70-72. I love these scriptures sooo much!

Well I hope you guys all have an amazing week and I love and miss you all like crazy!!! 

Les amo mucho!                                                                                                                             Elder Pedersen


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