I’m in a trio, in a new area, and training to be district leader!! Crazy.

Ovalle 1Ovalle MapOvalle-5IMG_0548 IMG_0549 New companionsOh man what a beautiful quote! I loved that so much! Felt the spirit really strong when reading the part that said “walk by faith, and if necessary, even on our knees!” so powerful. And I know crazy earthquakes. Did you guys feel it? And I wish we were using face book here too. My mission president is SUPER strict! So we basically can’t do anything… haha, but i like it cuz it keeps the elders and sisters on the right path 🙂

Ok, so this week has been sooo crazy I cannot even begin to tell you guys! So let me get some information out to keep you up on where I am and all that good stuff.

So to start out, I left Valparaiso 😦 it was really sad to leave all that behind especially because I’m going to miss birthdays, kids coming home from missions and the 18th of September (huge fiesta here). But it’s all good; the Lord needed me in another place! So I got to changes and saw my comp from the MTC and talked about how the mission was going. It was super good to see him. And there was 27 new missionaries coming to the mission, so they opened a lot of areas up. Ok so the change meeting was soooo good. I felt the spirit so strong and a lot of tears shed from missionaries going home this change. And one of the sisters that are going home is from Eugene! I talked to her and she has the most powerful testimony I’ve ever heard. Even close to Elder Holland (which is crazy cuz elder Holland has the most powerful testimony in the world!! ha-ha). So the changes started getting called out and president called elder Rojo from Spain and I was like oh wow that’s crazy cuz he’s the only elder from Spain in the mission. So he calls out his companion, and says, “Elder Pedersen” and I was like what the heck. And he said I was going to be in the only trio in the mission!!!! Can you believe that?? And so we got on the bus (6 hour drive), ate some pop-tarts which were amazing! And then when we got here, I met my comp from Uruguay. So I’m basically with two Latinos right now and he will be going home in 3 weeks and he’s the district leader… so you probably guessed what that means. I’M GONNA BE TRAINING AND BECOME THE DISTRICT LEADER!!!! Can you believe that???? I’m kinda freaking out, but the Lord will help me 🙂 Oh, and get this. So I’m in a branch, not a ward. Only 43 members assisted yesterday and the area is super small too. It’s going to be a crazy few changes let me tell ya! Ha-ha. Oh and our chapel is HUGE. Like the size of our stake building in Medford. It’s amazing! And the name of the place is Ovalle!!! The smallest zone in the world! But lots of work to do! Oh and my convert gave me a gift before I left and I took a picture of it. Idk if its blasphemies or not 😉 ha-ha my comp thinks its super cool, He’s a great guy! I’ll attach the pictures with this letter.

Well I hope you have an amazing last week of summer and good luck with home school McKenna:)                                        I miss you all like crazy!! 

Te amo,                                                                                                                                                                                     Your loving son,

Elder Pedersen



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