Love Ovalle…So much work to be done!!!

Elder RojoDSC_0985 DSC_0986 DSC_0988Man this week has been crazy trying to get to know my new area and preparing to be the next district leader. I’m kind of freaking out a little, but my comp that’s going home in two weeks is SUPER amazing. He really has shown me how to be a good leader. And my other comp from Spain really reminds me of Kellin a lot. It’s kind of crazy. I don’t know why the Lord has blessed me so much, cuz I honestly have never had bad companions. I just try to find the good things in them, and we end up being best buds! Ha-ha.  So my other comps name is elder Pereira (like hunter grows second last name). And I love it! Cuz we can enter any house in the world!! Ha-ha, but it’s hard to be exactly obedient when there are three of us that all take long showers 😉 but we are changing that! I love all my comps, you know that. Elder Pereira and I get along so well. He’s like Daniel in some ways, cuz he loves all the same music as I do and we think the same way, it’s awesome!  And he extended his mission, so that’s why he’s going home in two weeks.  My area is awesome, Lots of future success!  It’s very pretty, just not on the coast, Which is a miracle!! It’s like you knew what I was thinking 😉 ha-ha. Well that’s all of the answers to the questions from you. Now for me; WHERE ARE the PICTURES!!! Ha-ha. I never get pictures from you. I want pictures of the house and of the kids. PLEASE!!! 🙂

But honestly, not much has really happened here this week, just a ton of BBQ´s and a lot of good food! Cuz all the Chileans are getting ready for the 18th of this month. It’s like our 4th of July but bigger. (Is what they say ;))? I’m excited! The people here are super nice. Oh and we are going to have a baptism this Sunday! I’m pretty stoked. I just hope he takes this decision seriously, and isn’t doing it just cuz his girlfriend wants him to. But I have faith! 

So even though my sector is small, we have taught a ton. And there is a ton of potential here for sure! Like there are 5 families that have kids that aren’t baptized and a lot of people that want to get baptized but are just waiting for their ex-husbands to sign the divorce papers (which happens a lot here). So it’s just the waiting game, really. 

So its kind’s cool, cuz the area I’m in actually has two areas. So we have to take a bus for 40 min. to get to our other area once every week, it’s pretty cool. But the only reason we are doing that is cuz the mission president took out the missionaries there and is having us go there every once in a while to teach the recent converts. And in that area, OH MY GOSH it’s so hot. And it’s just turning spring here. I don’t think I’m gonna make it through the summer!!… ha-ha.

This week my testimony of the atonement has grown so much, its insane. My companion said once that when we talk about the atonement we should always be smiling. The Lord truly gave his life for us so that we could live happy lives. Not to be always thinking about our past mistakes and regrets, but to be free of them. We will NEVER be perfect, but it’s our goal. I love the scripture in Mosiah 26:30 that states, no matter how many times we fall, our Lord and savior will forgive us. And it’s so true. I have definitely made the same mistake twice, but the Lord is always there to forgive us on one condition…on our will to change and to be better. And like Nephi said in I Nephi 3:7 that the Lord will not give a commandment to us that we cannot accomplish. And as you know from my farewell talk, I love that story of the Violin maker. That after it was torn down and beaten and almost sold for nothing, the Maker picks it up tunes it and cleans it off and plays the most beautiful melody. And after that, everyone wanted it for the highest price. And it’s just like us. When we are beaten down from the adversary and the whirlwinds of the world. The atonement of our savior comes along and tunes us up and cleans us out of all iniquity and uses us as a tool in his hands. Be that instrument and show the Lord that you want to serve in his vineyard.  

I love you and miss you all with all my heart! Chatío!!                                                                                                               Have an AMAZING week!  Les amo muchísimo!                                                                                                                         Your forever changed son, 

Elder Pedersen

P.S. – has dad sent me a package? I have no socks… ha-ha and the socks here are terrible.



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