Grandpa? Oh man, I’m sooo sad.

Training Meeting….
Training meeting Ovalle Sept 2014.jpg6 Training meeting Ovalle Sept 2014 Training meeting Ovalle Sept 2014.jpg5 Training meeting Ovalle Sept 2014.jpg4 Training meeting Ovalle Sept 2014.jpg2 Training meeting Ovalle Sept 2014.jpg1So to start off the week, we had a conference with President, and it was sooo amazing! I get a lot more out of it now that I’m a leader. But that means that I have to apply everything we learned to my district too, so it’s kind of stressful! Ha-ha But one of the things we learned that I really loved was when president was talking about how we can offend the Holy Ghost. When your alarm goes off in the morning and you don’t get up, the spirit will tell you in a kind whisper to get up and start your day off right. And when we choose not to obey that voice, the spirit gets offended and leaves our presence. So I will apply this to our lives. so for example when the holy ghost tells you to read or to pray to your Father in Heaven and you think to yourself “Yea, yea ill do it in like 15 min.”, your offending the holy ghost and your pushing him out of your life to guide you to do the things you know that you should be doing. I know that this doesn’t apply to everyone of you. Maybe you are heeding the voice of the Holy Ghost, and doing the things the prophet and his apostles told us to do this past weekend. But I just know that from past experience that its hard at times when we are tired or we are “Too busy” to do it right then, But I think that when the holy ghost is telling us to do something, it’s in that moment when you really need it.

But in the end it was a great meeting and the wife of the president gave us all little gifts (ill send you all pictures) and it was a very uplifting conference. So to add a few amazing comments of what I really thought were important were the 4 tools we need in our life. 1) Prayer 2) good and uplifting scripture study 3) FHE and lastly 4) going to the temple often. I really loved that he said it will take away stress when we do these things and bring us so many blessing. He also said that it won’t take away temptation, but make is SO much easier to defend his fiery darts. You don’t go out into battle with no shield, pads or a sword, do you? So why would you go out into the world without the spiritual armor and shield to fight against the evils of the world? And along with that, the sword would represent for me the words we can use to defend our faith and if we aren’t doctrinally prepared and have a strong testimony, how do you expect to defend what you believe? You can’t. I just really really loved that talk. And wasn’t it so weird that they had foreigners speak in their native tongues? First time in my life! It was really cool to hear the Spanish speaking general authorities.

So to end off the week our investigator got baptized!! He’s so amazing, but so small! Ha-ha, ill put that picture in here too for you all 🙂 I’ll get too confer upon him the Holy Ghost (first time in my life). So that will be really cool too!

Well I hope you all have an amazing week and know that I love you and miss you all sooo much!! Oh and the donu ts and crepes too 😉 ha-ha

Love you with all my heart my sweet mommy 🙂

Te amo                                                                                                                                                                                           Les amo muchísimo!!

Elder Pedersen


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