Feed My Sheep!!

Man, I have to say that when we work super hard and don’t get any numbers out of the day… its kinda deppressing. Especially when its two days in a row! Ha-ha, but it’s all good because we have a few investigators that we can pass by and that helps us a lot!

Wow seems like an amazing week for all you guys. I’m SOOOOOO happy about Kellin.What a stud. And, oh my word, that’ll be a crazy project and I’m so glad grandpa is better. I’ve been praying like crazy for him. And Becky- another, how awesome. And I don’t even want to talk about Jonathan; I miss that kid so freaking much!!!! But yea, I hope Daniel can make that goal and stick to it. And I’m just glad that my brothers have amazing parents that keep them on the path of truth and righteousness 🙂 that will help them succeed if they put the Lord first in EVERYTHING!

But anyway, I told you guys that even though my area is Ovalle Norte, I have to go to another area too to teach the recent converts? Well we went there one day this week and it was the craziest thing ever! Because when they had missionaries over there they were super “chueco” which means that they were crooked or didn’t obey the rules. Like this member was telling us some crazy stories about what the missionaries did over there, and the whole time I was looking at my companion freaked out! Because I didn’t want him to have that point of view of what the mission is like. So I just kept telling him that this is a good example of what missionaries CANNOT do. Ha-ha, But holy cow, after all that, we got out of there as quick as we could and I don’t thing we are going to go back there! It was a really bad spirit.

So coming back to the spiritual side 😉 ha-ha I was really uplifted this week in various ways. One of those was when I was kind of upset with myself about our numbers one morning; I decided to listen to the talk by elder Holland about being fishers of men. And I can’t even describe to you the spirit I felt when he said “FEED MY SHEEP! You can’t ever look back. You have been changed for the better, you are a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and you have to ask yourself one question… DO. YOU. LOVE. ME?? And if so, the feed my sheep. Not just for today, but for FORVER!” oh my word, I feel the sprit even when writing that. And on another occasion, I and my comp were reading in PMG in chapter 5 about the BOM. And as we were reading, the spirit hit me so strong and I couldn’t wait, so I stopped our studies and wrote my feeling down in my journal.

But I just want you all to know that I know that the book of Mormon is the word of God. And that through Joseph smith, we have the opportunity to read it, to ponder about it and to pray to know if it is true. And I know that I have done it before and received my own answer. And I know that if each and every one of you do it, you will have the burning desire to share your testimony with others with even more power and conviction! I know that The book of Mormon really was translated by Joseph Smith and that Jesus Christ came to the Americas to teach us the fullness of His gospel.

Well I love you, I really hope you all had an amazing week and that gramps is doing great!!  keep coming with the news. I love knowing EVEYRHTING about the fam 🙂

I love you with all my heart!                                                                                                                                                       Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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