Puro Poder (Pure Power)

IMG_0666 IMG_0640Wow this week was definitely the week where I saw the fruits of my labor! We found one to two new investigators ever day and we have another baptismal date for the beginning of next month. We are pretty stoked with how things are going. It was kinda scary because the baptismal date we have is a grandma and her boyfriend (because no one gets married here) who treats her like crap and was making her do stuff that she couldn’t do, so she freaked out and tried to kill herself!!! can you believe that? It was super scary, But that was the night that we committed her to baptism. it was really spiritual and I know it will help her so much! so her son (Raul) was confirmed yesterday, and I got to do it! It was my first time and I had to do it without a microphone, cuz the churches don’t have them here. it felt so awesome being an instrument in the hands of the Lord to give someone the beautiful gift of the Holy Ghost.

So I received your package, thank you so much for the letter, socks and axe 😉 haha. I cant even explain how happy I was to see it! I felt like a little kid on Christmas. But it was actually really sad cuz one of the sisters in my district left that same day. Her companion couldn’t tell us why or what happened, but we think shes going home… so sad. She was the only american in my district!!! And now we have another Latino… haha. I guess the Lord or president doesn’t want me speaking english at all! I really feel like my spanish has improved so much out here. I can talk to anyone and everyone understands me. its amazing to see the hand of the Lord in my life and all the blessings He gives me every single day.

Oh my GOSH, summer has started and as you all know, I HATE the heat. I’m so hot and I have to put sunscreen on every day so I don’t die! And the only good thing about it is that our pension is always nice and cold. But the thing thats really sad, is its still spring, in 1 month it will be summer, so we will see how that turns out! haha

So I had a Christopher experience two days ago. so disgusting. We were teaching a less active family and the flippin lady starts the nursing session right there in front of us!!! I wanted to stand up screaming and run out of there. but me and my comp just stared at eachother with HUGE wide eyes and said “In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Now who wants to say the prayer?” haha. It was so gross.

But to move on I wanted to end by sharing with you guys what I learned the other day. So I was reading in Ether 12 (the faith chapter) in verse 27 and i couldn’t help but to stop and ponder about it. It really is so true. From experience, I know that through all my weaknesses, I never could have made any of them strong all by myself. I needed to pray and pray and pray in order to receive the strength I needed to make the weak things in my life become strong, and when I get on my knees and pray to my Father in humility, it brings me closer to my God. And when we come to Him, He blesses us. Its His promise. And He ALWAYS keeps His promises.

hope you all have an amazing week and that you come to our Lord and Savior through HUMILITY and PRAYER. And He will pour out His blessings upon you. Love and miss you all so so so much!!

Les amo,
Elder Pedersen


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