The Power of the Book of Mormon

IMG_0721 IMG_0722So this week was pretty great, we started off with intercambios for the first time in forever! Because I only have sisters in my district, and of course I can’t change with them… haha, but it was really awesome. I really learned a lot with my zone leader. It was fun to finally speak English for a while! We had a ton of lessons and really just read out of the BOM every app. we had. It was really great to see the power of the BOM in real life! Oh and the greatest thing that happened that day was that someone told me that I looked like Joseph Smith!! Man I cannot tell you how happy that made me feel!

So the next day was the district meeting and man it was the most successful one yet! I shared a lot of parts of the 4th missionary and I made one of the sisters cry. It was amazing. And after the sisters told me that they felt the spirit so strong. It felt really good to finally have a successful district meeting.Before I never felt like the spirit was really present. Just because I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. But now I do! It was amazing. One of the parts I read was “give me all, I don’t want part of your time, your talents, and money or even of your work; I want you. All that you are” There’s no holding back. You can’t come out here and give the Lord some of what you are. You need to give Him your all! Everything you are. He is waiting to bless you. So why wait?

So we found an amazing family of GOLD this week. I am so happy and we are going to teach them tomorrow, so we will see next week what happens!

Oh and happy late HALLOWEEN!! Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. My Halloween was full of candy, teaching and to end it off I hit my eye into a truck… yea how lame huh? I was talking to some members and they didn’t want to warn me cuz I was looking at them, and I just smacked it super hard into a steel rod. Luckily “I’ve got a big head” so nothing happened. But man did that thing hurt! Ha-ha

Well I got to go. I hope you all have an amazing week full of the spirit of the Lord and have lots of spiritual experiences. And if you feel you’re not having them, make them happen!

Love and miss you all like crazy!!

Les amo,                                                                                                                                                                                 Elder Pedersen


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