Ether 12:27- I give unto men weakness that they may be humble

IMG_0700 IMG_0704 IMG_0709 IMG_0739Wow, like everyone is saying, the weeks are just flying by! I can’t even believe how fast these days are coming and going! But this was a pretty sad but successful week. 2 sisters went home from my district yesterday. And they bore their testimonies at the zone conference we had. It was so amazingly spiritual! I love hearing testimonies of missionaries that are going home. Cuz it’s always so powerful and just full of answers to their deep desire to know more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s how our testimonies grow, by asking God in the name of His son to know if these things are true. And I know that through experience that if we do it like Moroni asks us to, we will receive an answer.

This was a really successful week! We Found a lot of new investigators and we taught a ton. The thing that really has been bothering me is that sooo many people focus so much on the Virgin Mary. They all worship her and it kind of makes sense as to why they do, because she was the mother of Jesus, but besides that, I never know what to say to help people to realize that we cannot do that. Like it states in the 10 commandments. That’s probably one of the hardest things to convince people about. Suggestions??

Well I finally got to do interchanges with one of my best zone leaders and he is so awesome! We had a TON of success that day. And I invited two people to be baptized. and let me tell you, in the moment of waiting for the right moment to ask someone to be baptized satan is trying so hard to tell you that she’s not ready or that the time is not right or just whatever thing to make sure she doesn’t get baptized and be saved in the kingdom of our Father in heaven. It’s amazing to feel how hard satan is really trying. But in the end, SATIN NEVER PREVAILS!

So we had another service project for out next ward mission leader and it was so amazing again to use the knowledge my pops has given me. We had to put in tile and I knew more than he did! It was amazing to realize the importance of teaching kids at a young age and teaching them a lot, Cuz I can honestly testify of the importance of doing that.  I have used the things mom and dad have taught me so much out here its INSANE!

And I have a little spiritual thought that I wanted to share with you guys. It’s about temptation. And what can we REALLY do to stop being tempted? Nothing. We are always going to be tempted. But the thing we CAN do is fortify ourselves to defend the fiery darts of the adversary. And like it says in Ether 12:27, we have all of these weaknesses for a reason. And actually God gave us them so that we may humble ourselves and THEN He will make those weak things become strong. So that’s something that I would like you guys to focus on. Try to be humble, and I will too. Cuz there is always area in our lives that we can improve and the best way to do that is to be humble and draw closer to our Father in heaven and our Savior.

Love you all and thank you for all that your guys do for me and I hope you have an amazing week!!!

Les amo!                                                                                                                                                                            Elder Pedersen


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