New area- Belloto, New companion- Elder Silva

IMG_0751 (2) IMG_0756

3726979 IMG_0761 (4)Yea, so I don’t have a ton of time, but as you can see I got changed from Ovalle to Belloto!! We were totally thinking that my son (elder Rojo) was going to get changed, but they sent me away! So I’m still a district leader and ill just give you all a quick description of what my area is like.

SOO… as I walked into the gates of the app. complex I was looking around at all of these three story houses and I was thinking to myself “imagine if we lived in one of these”. And we kept walking and finally got to our house and I thought he was kidding. IM LIVING IN A THREE STORY HOUSE!!!! Can you even believe that? Cuz I can’t. I guess 2 pairs of missionaries lived there and one of those was zone leaders. Our house is so amazing, but I have to say, it looks sooo gross. I have a TON of cleaning to do today cuz I can’t stand living in there for one more day! Ha-ha. And also the area book was horrible. We have to basically start over here from step one. And there wasn’t a book for the district leaders. So come to find out a ton of elders have “died” there so they didn’t put their best efforts in. so that kind of stinks, but we’ve got a ton of stuff! But yea, so this area is SUPER nice. There’s not even a “flaite” or bad area here either. And the ward here is soo great, tons of returned missionaries and I actually have a bishop now!! Finally.

But as you can tell I’m really going to enjoy my area here. Oh and my comp! His name is Elder Silva. Has from Brazil and he studied English at BYU. He’s super awesome. He reminds me a lot of Christopher actually! But I honestly don’t understand why the Lord just keeps pouring his blessings down upon me. I feel like I don’t even deserve it! But I will forever be grateful for all he has given me!

So we had interchanges this week too and I taught my first lesson in English and it was sooo weird. I had to give the last prayer and it was the hardest thing ever. I’m forgetting English!! But it was awesome!

But I just wanted to let you guys know that I LOVE this gospel and I love my Lord and savior more than words could ever describe. And I’m here to bring as many souls as I can to my God. (D&C 18:15-16)

Love and miss you all with all my heart and I hope you all have an amazing week!!!!!

Les amo muchísimo!

Elder Pedersen


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