The Authority of God…Amazing Contact!!

IMG_0771 IMG_0772 (1)It’s amazing seeing everyone putting up Christmas stuff, Spreading good cheer and coming closer to our Lord and Savior. Have you guys seen “He is the gift”? If not, you should, cuz it’s amazing 🙂

Well this letter will be short, cuz I don’t have a lot of time. But to start off I want to tell you that the work here is progressing a lot. We’ve found tons of new people that can get baptized this month. We are so excited, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and me and my comp are going to have to work together to have the spirit with us to bring many needy  unto our Lord and Savior.

It was actually pretty amazing what happened with a contact. So we knocked at a door and we started talking to this lady and it seemed like a “too good to be true” kinda contact. But as we continued talking to her, I could see it in her eyes and in her spirit that she was looking for truth. So when she asked us, “Idk which church is true… I’ve been looking and none  seem like the right one. But man, could it be your church that I’ve been looking for?” and when those words came out of her mouth I told her with conviction that “This is the church of Jesus Christ. He has restored His church upon the earth and there is no other church that follows EVERYTHING that He taught us. I know that He lives and that through Him and through His example, we CAN live with Him again.”  In the end we gave her a BOM and fixed an app. to go talk to her again. We came back, explained a little more about the BOM and she committed to go to church Sunday, and she actually came! Not alone, but with her two kids! We were so stoked. On top of all that, we are teaching another part family, and they all showed up early for church. We are having lots of success here, and I keep asking myself why the Lord has blessed us so much, because there’s always something we could be doing better, right? But in the end I’m so grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with and all the people He has put into our path.

Sorry for the short letter but I just want you guys to know that there is no other church upon this earth that had the authority of God to perform saving ordinances. I know that this is His church and that Joseph Smith was the prophet that made this all possible. Even though we don’t praise him in the same way. I will be forever grateful for what he did and for what he sacrificed to restore this gospel upon the earth.

Love and miss you all like crazy! And thank you FAM for the package!

Les amo,                                                                                                                                                                                   Elder Pedersen


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