Teaching in parables

IMG_0777[1]So to start off the week, we were teaching one of our investigators and we just brought the spirit in so strong and asked her to get baptized and she accepted!! We are so happy and now we just have to wait for her dad to come home so that we can baptize him too! 😉

I had some great spiritual experiences this week. Started off with an interchange with my zone leader. It was kind of cool, cuz the whole day when he was teaching someone he would give them an example or give them a parable to help the person understand. And at the end of the day I asked him why he loved teaching that way. And he told me that that was the way the Savior taught. So isn’t that what we should do too? And I thought that was really great. Cuz it’s so true. Everyone learns faster with an example. I’ve definitely experienced the difference when teaching with examples than not.

So as a district leader I feel that the Lord has helped me so much these past few weeks. I’m getting a lot of good feedback and the numbers in my district are shooting up. Obviously at times it’s hard when a companionship doesn’t do well. But that’s what I’m there for! I gotta cheer them up and give them spirit and energy to try even harder the next day. Even though that can be hard at times when maybe I didn’t have a great day,  But that’s what the Lord is there for, to help me out at ALL times 🙂

So I actually don’t have any time today, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I love you all so much. Almost as much as our Savior loves us. Ha-ha, cuz as we know His love is perfect. He loves us so perfectly and he loves us so much that he has sacrificed His life so that one day we may live with Him again. Jesus is our mediator and He is so full of love. He signifies love. And through the love of our Father in Heaven, we’ve received the sacrifice of Him beloved son. (John 4:7-9)

Love and miss you all so much. Enjoy this spiritual season full of love and great memories!

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen


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