Merry Christmas-4 Days!!! A Beautiful “White Christmas”

IMG_0784 IMG_0818 IMG_0822Wow, so crazy that I will be Skyping you guys in 4 days!!! It seems so unreal! I’m so stoked. But man this week was so crazy!! So ill give you all a brief description of what my life was like this week…

My comp and I woke up early last Monday to go to Viña to pick up his carnet (ID card) and it ended up not being there after spending all that time waiting. Tuesday night we stayed out late helping the zone leaders clean the chapel for president. It was so much fun actually. Everyone was singing and just messing around. Ha-ha, but then Wednesday came… OH. MY. GOSH. So to start out the conference with president was soooo amazing. So the whole mission received pin drives to watch videos and movies with investigators (so much better cuz everyone has a smart TV), then we got out new BOM assignment (pictures at the end) and I would like to invite you guys to do this with me starting January. It will awesome. We will finish it in 3 months! And he also gave us a BOM in English so we can compare the differences (cuz there’s a lot of words that are different in English than in Spanish) and after we finish we will find the mistakes and send it to elder ceballos to try and change them! So awesome!! And to finish president told us something that’s going to change missionary work. Starting in January we will not be using the key indicators in our agenda. We will only keep numbers of who assisted church and who got baptized. That’s it! We are going to be focusing a ton more on less actives that have their endowments and obviously keep going with recent converts and investigators. It’s going to be a huge change!

But to end the week Antonia got baptized!!! So awesome. She was so nervous. But everything turned out great! I played piano while my comp sang during the baptism and I gotta say, I regret not practicing more… (Yea I know dad… ha-ha). But ill also put pictures of that too. Oh and also we had a stake Christmas program. I felt just at home 🙂 Well they weren’t as good at singing but it’s the closest I’m going to get! Ha-ha.

Well I am so excited for Thursday! And for the spiritual thought I would like to share a scripture that’s in Moses 5:1-16 that president KÄhnlein shared. It’s about the sacrifices we make. And I’ll leave you all with a question. Why do we offer sacrifices?

Well I love you all and we will see ya Thursday!!! 😀

Les amo,                                                                                                                                                                                   Elder Pedersen


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