Happy New Year!!! Dedicated to the Lord’s work

So my week started out pretty great! Our whole zone went to our chapel and we all played soccer with the Latinos. Ha-ha, it was actually kind of funny cuz when the Chileans first come out they are like super good and they have all the energy in the world. But then when the North Americans keep playing strong (cuz that’s what they do, right?) The Chileans slowly start leaving. Ha-ha, it was actually quite funny.

But man I got to tell you guys that fleas are not fun. They were all in my bed, so I changed the sheets and everything and the next morning I’m covered in the bloody things! So I ended up having to sleep in a sweatshirt, sweats and socks without anything on my bed. Soooo much fun 😉

But yea on the spiritual side of things, we were contacting some of our references we had received and I’m not going to lie, I was kind of low on my energy levels which kinda diminishes my spiritual levels. Ha-ha but all of a sudden as we were contacting a reference (Which was a miracle that we even got into their app. complex) they let us pass in their house and oh my gosh, I felt the spirit sooo strong. The spirit just jumped right back into my body and was working through me like crazy. We left without books of Mormon in our hands feeling so awesome! Cuz idk if you didn’t know this, but that doesn’t happen very often. Ha-ha, it was awesome to see how important it is to have the spirit with you at all times. Even if you’re tired or don’t want to work, you just gotta push forward and give the Lord your all!

Well to speed things up, We had an amazing BBQ for new years! I didn’t take pictures (stupid Kenny). So ill have to take even more this week. But the family we had it with reminded me a lot of Shanna and Adam when they were first starting out. They are so cute together and serve us so much!

Oh man, we have an investigator that it so darn stubborn. He’s the father of my convert and his whole family is members and so we asked his to fast and pray a lot and we promised him that if he did that, he would receive his answer. We are going to see him today and I really pray and hope that he has received his answer so that he can get baptized and so his family can get sealed in 1 year for time and all eternity!

But to close things up a little I want to leave you guys with a chapter in the BOM. In Alma 5 (the question chapter). After reading this chapter I was thinking to myself a lot. And it made me want to make some goals for myself this year. In my journal I wrote this:

“This year, 2015, my goal is to be more dedicated to the Lords work (because there’s always something I can be working on), Study harder and bring the spirit of the Lord more into my life through constant and committed effort.”

I invite you guys to do the same and write me what your goals are going to be 🙂

I love you all so darn much and I hope all is well!!

Les amo,                                                                                                                                                                             Elder Pedersen


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