Nephi 1:13 “Lift up your head and be of good cheer.”

So this week was pretty chill!

To start out with the week, we had a pretty sweet p-day. So what we did was came together with the other elders in our district and bought 4 great value pizzas at líder (Wal-Mart) and while the pizzas were cooking, we played some ping pong and watched church videos. It’s so funny to see how cool that seemed when we were doing it. As a missionary that’s like the coolest thing we can do. At least here in Belloto!! And after that, my comp and I had some powerful spiritual experiences. I love talking about the importance of temples. It just makes me so happy. It kind of stinks cuz we will never be able to go inside on our missions. That just makes me want to go so much more, like every day when I get back! Ha-ha. They are just so beautiful and if only the Chileans could understand the REAL importance of the temples, they would be going a lot more often than they are now. That’s why our mission president is having us focus a ton on temples and teaching the people that have their endowments, but are inactive. That’s our main focus right now actually.

But anyways, interchanges were with my new zone leader that only has 6 months in the mission. He’s a gringo and doesn’t know a ton of Spanish, but really knows how to be a leader. That same day on interchanges was so funny. We saw the craziest things with animals. So First we saw a dog that had a tumor the size of a small basketball and then going to a recent converts house, we saw a dog with no bloody eyes! And then walking home we saw a dead cat outside our app. complex. My zone leader was like almost crying he was so scared. Ha-ha.

Something that I loved when studying that morning was when I read 2 Nephi 4:17-35. I love those verses so much. They give me so much strength and let me know that even a prophet of God has his challenges. And makes me feel like if he was acting like that, I can’t imagine how much I’m sinning.

MY. GOSH. So real quick one story for ya all. So we were at lunch one day with a member. And he was telling us all these cool stories from his mission (cuz like every member here has served a mission), and all of a sudden he gets all serious, and says “one day when a family was about to get baptized, they went outside to take pictures. And they were all wondering where their little 8 year old jimmy was? so they went looking around for him, and they open the baptismal font doors and find the little kid drowned… and after all that had happened a week later the family got baptized in that same font.” and he said that his mission president told him (they were serving in Santiago) that “this is the love of the Chileans. Those are the Chileans that you need to find.” They could have destroyed the work of the church in Chile!! That was probably the saddest story I think I’ve ever heard in my mission. These Chileans are truly amazing. I love the people here in Chile. There is no other place in the world that I would want to serve.

But yea… sorry for sharing that sad story. I just thought that I would share that with you. But after that member shared that with us, he shared · Nephi 1:13. “Lift up your head and be of good cheer!!” I loved that and it’s so true. That even through all these trials that we may have in our life, we just need to lift up our heads, trust in the Lord and be of good cheer!

Well I love you guys so much and I hope you all have an amazing week full of the spirit and share the gospel with everyone!!

Les amo muchísimo!!


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