Happy Birthday Elder Pedersen and 1 Year left to give it all you got!!

Kenny Seminary Pics 004Cumples IMG_0350So this week actually was a little sad when finding inactive members that don’t want anything to do with the church or are lazy? It’s even more incredible when they have served missions, been assistance to the president of their mission and they go inactive. It’s very sad. I try to figure out why that happens and obviously the only thing that comes into my head is the flipping creature that ruins the lives of people and brings them down to his level of misery and pain. That’s why it’s so darn important to do EVERYTHING we can to divert ourselves from temptation in any way.

Man I gotta say how amazing the video is of “Thanks to Him”. We watch it with everyone, cuz it always brings in the spirit and gives us the amazing opportunity to testify of the reality of our Lord and Savior. It’s so cool to see people that haven’t gone to church in years come and partake of the sacrament. It makes me feel that I’m really helping people, and doing my job! Ha-ha. And I’m sure as you know numbers are always good to have. But this month we weren’t able to baptize… kind of sad. But we have worked a ton with less actives and I’m happy with that!

We are finding some great people. The week before last we weren’t able to find anyone. But this week, through tons of effort, prayer and fasting, we have been able to find more and more people! It’s definitely not easy, but when we give the Lord our all and do it with faith and diligence… the miracles ALWAYS come. Just like what happened yesterday. So we were doing our normal job, teaching and contacting people, but we just weren’t able to give a book out. And right then, the zone leaders called us and made us commit to give a Book of Mormon out. I was kind of hesitant cuz it was 8:35 already, but we committed! So we end up going crazy with contacts and trying to give a book out, but no one wanted it! We found a few less actives in the process and good futures, but not a book. The time comes to 9:29, one minute before we had to get into the pension. So we were walking and we passed a house with its lights on. I turned around and we greeted “HALO!” and this woman comes out and is super receptive and accepts a book! And to top it off her daughter pulls up and we talk to her and she wanted one too!!! That just shows the amazing power of faith and diligence. The Lord truly shows His power in many ways, I definitely saw miracles yesterday!!

So we had interviews with president this week in the pensions. Super scary, but as you know mom, I’m a clean freak. EVERYTHING was spotless. Ha-ha, not even a crumb to be found. He was definitely impressed with the fine work 😉 I didn’t even let my comp clean. I wanted to do it all.  But the interview was super great with him. He is such a spiritual giant. He really knows how to help with every need that you may have. His amazing phrase is, “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!” I love that. He really wants us to be the missionaries that make things happen and that is what I’m going to do.

Well that was basically my week. I hope you’re doing great mommy and that all the kids are too. Let me know how they are all doing! I love you and miss you all so much! I cannot believe that I’ll be completing one year this Wednesday!!! CRAZY!!!!!!

I love you so much mom and I really hope that my letters help you guys there at home. If you have any requests on how I should write, just let me know 🙂

Les amo mucho!!

Elder Pedersen (Your forever changed son)


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