The weeks are flying by…Letter from convert.

IMG_0922 (1) IMG_0923 (1) IMG_0925Man, I honestly feel like I just wrote to you yesterday!! These weeks are seriously flying by Mom. I cannot even believe that this Wednesday is changes already!! It’s super weird. I like it, but then again I hate it. Ha-ha, ya know what I mean?

So I wanted to start out this week talking a little about my investigators. Cuz I don’t think I have done that very much on my mission. Kind of sad huh? Well it’s never too late to start! So first off, we only have 3 investigators right now. Fernando, Alejandra and Barbera. Fernando is the only person that isn’t a member in her family. But her whole family is inactive. We are trying to teach her and get her prepared for baptism. But here’s the thing. She’s so amazing and wants to follow the Lord, but like a few months ago decided to do something stupid and got pregnant. So now we have to try and get her married! But now her boyfriend doesn’t want to, so we’ve got to wait like a year. We’re going to see what happens.

Alejandra(mom) and barbera(daughter) were eternal investigators for several months until we got here. We started teaching them again and they are progressing a lot. They promised to fast today actually. So we will see what happens and help them to recognize the whisperings of the spirit. That’s their only thing. They feel as though they haven’t felt the spirit, but I know they have. They just have to learn how to recognize it!!

But now about me. So this week was good. Not great cuz we haven’t been able to find a lot of people. We’ve just have to keep trying and giving Book Of Mormons out! Something that my zone leader said was that, it doesn’t matter who we give a book to. It could be a pot smoker, but if he accepts it and starts ripping up the papers, we just gave him a chance. Our job is to preach the word of God to the world. Nothing more. And they will have to decide to accept or reject our message, so true.

Yea really quick summary: Monday, we had a great FHE with a family full of less actives, and non members. It was awesome. Tuesday we had interchanges and I ate 3 pizzas with Elder Biesinger (an elder in my district) Not good! Wednesday I woke up with the scariest dream of me being at home already. Have to say, made me work a lot harder that day 😉 and Thursday I just have one thing to say… I know now without a doubt that Satan is real and can have power over us, if we allow him, but you know what? If he is real, so is God. And He has Greater power than Satan and with His power, Satan will NEVER prevail. The Lord has given us the great opportunity to have this armor to defend ourselves and we can’t EVER take that armor off, not Even to drink some water.  The adversary is always there and he will take every opportunity to attack us and bring us down to his level.

Love and miss you all so much! Let me know how everyone is doing!!

Les amo,

Elder Pedersen

This is a letter from one of Kenny’s converts: (Great Man)

My very dear Sister Pedersen,

I am very happy for your letter. Mainly, because it teaches me that the vineyard of the Lord has not boundaries to unite the brothers of his Church.

I met your son in the O’Higgins ward, Valparaiso (covered by the mission area of Viña del Mar). I lived there from March to September 2014. I was baptized for your son on July 31. Then, he was changed at the end of August. I lived there because I was studying at the law school of the Catholic University of Valparaíso (it is owned by the Catholic Church. It has no relation with the religion of their students. In fact, I was an agnostic. I was only there because their academic quality is good). Before talking about your son, I want to tell you a little story.

In September, I returned to my home in Santiago (Chile’s capital at a distance 112 kms from Valparaiso) for matters of work and money. I change the ward. I am now a member of the Simon Bolivar Ward. I did not like the attitude of missionaries here. We programmed a visit and they did not come to my house. Neither, they did not ask for forgiveness and did not give explanations. Always the same. Sometimes they came and sometimes they were missed. They did not answer my calls and they not returned it to me. I think anyone likes that kind of rudeness, either at work, college, family or friends. At the end, I have not been visited by missionaries from November until now. I am very disappointed for the reasons that I now tell you, where your child is involved.

If I compare the attitude of the missionaries here with your son, it is a change from heaven to earth. Your son is a lovely boy. He is polite, responsible, funny and with a strong presence of the Holy Ghost. He made a great duo with Elder Marchant. I was lucky to be visited occasionally by four missionaries: Kenny, Erik and marriage Smith. The other portion of time I was visited by your son and Erik. All this resulted in the Holy Ghost gave me testimony that this is the True Church in record time.

I chose your son because he had not baptized anyone during the mission, and Elder Marchant had done it before. I felt that your son was the right person to make my baptism. I was his first convert in the mission. I am very happy about it. If I had something to say about your son, is that in the short time I’ve been in the Church, he is one of the best missionaries. I actually know a lot. The area where I belong is bigger than Valparaiso, so I’ve could compare it.

You must be very proud of your son. I’m sure the Lord will bless lot to Kenny for his perfect missionary work. To his family too, of course.

In March, I will back to Valparaiso, and if there is something I hope with all my heart, is that he is assigned to the area where I am to see him again, and we can share the gospel as God wants and relive the good times we had as great friends.

There are two things for which I ask for forgiveness.

First, I wrote to you in August asking you if I could use pictures of the blog to give a gift to Kenny in his farewell. As I didn’t receive answer, I used pictures and gave him a book with blank pages. So, he could be adding photographs and writing his testimony. Undoubtedly, your gift will be much better, because it will include unedited letters and more photographs. I only put photograph from his start in the mission until August.

Second. Kenny wrote me many times. Actually, I have been on many businesses with my work, church and other occupations. I know I have not excuses. He is very charm in his letters. I hope to answer to him when I get organized my occupations.

If you write to him, please, tell him you have written to me and say I remember him so very much and miss him. Please, tell him if he could forgive my big mistake for I didn’t answer his letters.

Thanks for writing to me. I really felt the spirit so much in your letter.

God bless you and your family. It’s a beautiful family and Kenny is a great result of your job as a mother.


PD: Please, forgive me for my neglected english… I use it as Tarzan, but I do the possible.


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