I am moving AGAIN!! onto Quilpué with Elder Otterson

IMG_0941 (1) IMG_0942 IMG_0944 IMG_0949 IMG_0951 IMG_0957Oh my gosh, Mom. So you’re not going to believe this. I moved again!!! Every two changes I’ve moved. EVERY TWO CHANGES. I think president hates me. Ha-ha, no but it’s so weird. But you know how I am… I LOVE change, so it’s ok, but really sad too. It will also be really great to move on to new experiences and a new comp.

So when the Hinojosa family found out that I was leaving, they were all bawling. That’s the family that we were at for Skype. That’s the family of my convert. It was so darn sad mom, you have no idea. Even the dad at the end got teary eyed. But I held it in, and didn’t cry. It was honestly so lame. But I know that it was the will of the Lord and I know that it will make me stronger 🙂

So I got all my stuff packed, which is a lot. And we took off to viña. Man it was weird, cuz I guess lots of areas are being shut down cuz there’s not enough missionaries. But it’s only for a while. So when president called my name, he told me that I would be going to Quilpué in Paso Hondo B with Elder Otterson!!! I had no idea what was ahead of me, but excited. Going from a 3 story house to my new house is so much different, I have to tell ya. But it’s actually a lot better in the sense of cute, small and easy to clean 😉 ha-ha. Of course when I got into the house, I was disgusted of all the mess and clutter. That was the first thing I did, was clean up and now its looking like new 🙂

So my area so far is amazing. I really love it. It does have a lot of hills, but not as bad as Valparaiso. And the ward is split into 2, and on our half there aren’t that many members. So we will have to baptize a TON so that changes!

My comp is super awesome; I’ll send you lots of pictures of this week btw. He’s from Colorado. He’s awesome. He was in the military, and I swear he thinks he’s still in there, cuz he walks like one of them all day. Like we will be walking and all of a sudden he takes a sharp turn and walks just like them, so funny. A little annoying, but I’ll get over it 😉 He’s great!

Well that’s all I’ve got for this week. I hope you all had an amazing week and I’ll let you know how things go this next week 🙂

OH and thank you sooooooo much for the package!! I will be enjoying that for a long time! I’m definitely making that thing last baby!!! Ha-ha. The calendar was so awesome and Shanna’s letters, so great. Thank you all so much for everything you gave me 🙂

Love you sooo much and miss you like crazy my lovely mommy!

Love you,                                                                                                                                                                           Elder Pedersen


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