All is well in Zion…Meeting with the President

Wow I cannot even tell you how darn fast this week has gone by, seriously. I feel like yesterday I was here writing you… I’m freaking out!! haha

But this week was really great. Not a ton happened though. its kinda sad cuz we didn’t find anyone this week. we contacted a lot and gave out books, but no one wanted to listen to us! SO lame!!! But hey, that just gives us another reason to work even harder right??
But it’s so crazy. so the little house I’m living in right now is really small, but cute. and the owner (she lives right in front of our house) wanted to like renovate the house. So yesterday she had someone come by and take out almost all the flooring in the house and threw all the stuff on the floor and on our beds and just made a mess, then just left and wont be back for a week. So we are having to live without floors for a week, pretty great huh? haha But after we are gonna have some beautiful tile floors 🙂
Well anyway, like I said before not much has happened this week, However, on Friday we had a counsel with president and all the districts in the mission and it was sooooo amazing. The most spiritual meeting with president ive ever had. So last month we had like only 35ish baptisms in the mission and president was really upset and sad about that. so what happened was in the beginning of the meeting he shows us a video of Jesus Christ being rejected and hung on the cross as Pres. Eyring and Holland are speaking. OH MY GOSH. I felt the spirit so strong. And there were so many things that elder Holland said that just cut to the very center of my soul. He was talking about as missionaries we should be feeling the exact same way He felt, suffer as He suffered and plead as he plead. and after this beautiful video, President got up there and was telling us how we can be giving Him so much more of ourselves and showing the Lord why we are here. And then he bore his testimony and is was actually the first time I had heard him cry. Gosh,I just feel the spirit running through my body even writing about it. But in the end id just say.. beautiful.
So I know that this seems pretty short, but its cuz I forgot to bring my journal to write in details what happened this week, but its all good 🙂 I really hope you guys had an amazing week and that your always putting the lord first in your life and sharing the gospel with EVERYONE.
I just hope you know mom that I love you so much and I hope all is well in ZION!! 🙂
Les amo,
Elder Pedersen

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