Feed His Sheep…



Sad, malnourished dog.

So this week was pretty great! I definitely felt the spirit in my life through many ways. I forgot to bring my journal with me today so that I could remember what I wanted to write you, but it’s all good. I’ll just have to use my brain! Ha-ha

But this week after searching and searching for people to teach, we found some!! It felt so great to find people. It’s been a while since we’ve found new investigators. Like 3 weeks… crazy huh? But things are turning around 🙂 I’ve been really trying to contact and do my part so that the Lord can show me what I need to do and where I need to go. At times when we would stop in the street and we would be thinking of where to go (cuz all our apt. would drop), I would think to myself that, “you cannot drive a parked car” So we would just walk even though we wouldn’t know where we were going. And somehow the spirit would tell me where we needed to go. For instance when I was in interchanges with a new missionary, I didn’t know where we should go, but I kept walking, we passed a street and I had the deep impression to turn around, so I did and we started contacting and the first two houses we knocked on were super receptive and one of them ended up being a less active member that the missionaries hadn’t passed by for 30 years. 30 YEARS! That’s what happens when you listen to the impressions of the spirit!

But we’ve also been having a lot of FHE with members to help them share the gospel with others. I have some fun pictures of the game we played, it was a bunch of fun! This ward that I’m in is super fun, and our ward mission leader is super cool too. He just has that kind of sarcasm that our family has. It’s so awesome to have him as the ward mission leader. And idk if I told you guys, but I’m in a ward with another companionship of sisters. So that’s kind of cool too! One of the sisters got emergency transferred and the new sister is SUPER shy and really depressed it seems like. Her comp was like crying cuz she never talks to her and it’s hard to teach and talk to members. I guess president wants her to learn patience!! Ha-ha But as for my comp, we are doing great. He’s so funny; we quote movies all the time in the street just to make the mission life a little livelier! And he actually reminds me a TON of Adam. He’s super smart and kind of shy with members. It’s hilarious! I’m always the one talking with the contacts and with at the lessons. He does not like talking cuz he says that he doesn’t ever know what to say. Ha-ha I think it’s funny, and its doesn’t bother me cuz I love talking to investigators and members. It kind of comes naturally now. Cool huh? Definitely a blessing from the Lord 🙂

Mommy I just want you and the family to know that I love my Savior so much and this amazing gospel. I’ve seen so many members fall away from the church because of what the members have done to them or said to them. But we all need to realize that the people in the church are not perfect, but the gospel is. This church is amazing and is perfect and anyone that comes to know about this gospel and LIVES its teachings CAN. NOT. FAIL. They will be able to defend all temptations and be able to live with our Father in Heaven one day. I know it. And I know that the Holy Ghost is always there for us. But we have to be worthy to receive its guidance. I love Jesus Christ and I will do all I can to follow Him and FEED HIS SHEEP!

Love and miss you all so much! Have an amazing week 🙂

Les amo!!

Elder Pedersen


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