Practice makes progress…Jesus makes perfect!


District Mtg.




Kenny’s famous Mac & Cheese!!

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So this week was super awesome! I mean it could have been better if I would have contacted more, but this week I committed to contact EVERY SINGLE PERSON that comes in my way. I’ve been being really lazy with my contacts this week.

But anyways, the reason why this week was crazy was because we had people working on our house, putting new tiles in, fixing the bathroom (we had to shower with the curtain off), and lots of other things. So we lost some time with that. Also we had our last district meeting for this change (cuz tomorrow we will be having conference with president). It went really well. I was very happy how it all turned out. I always have struggles with wanting to prepare the best lesson for our mtg., but this week it really turned out great. The cool thing was that as we were teaching someone was acting like “the Holy Ghost”, touching the missionaries shoulder when they would talk. It went very well.

But also idk if you guys heard, but there was a huge fire in Valparaiso. I took some pictures of it, and will have to send them to you. To end the week, the zone leaders called us Friday to tell us that the sisters in our ward have been emergency transferred and that we have a baptismal date from their side that we have permission to teach and baptize! Isn’t that insane? I don’t really like “stealing” a baptism from other missionaries, but all that really matters is that they make this covenant with our Father in Heaven. Our investigator with a date is named Emily and she was saying how she will be going on a mission. And she wants to go to the USA. She’s only 11 years old and looks like she’s 15, it’s crazy! But she’s awesome.

SO the next day the assistance of the president call us to tell us that we will not just be having the date from the sister’s side, but the whole sector!! And it’s HUGE. With hills. Kind of crazy. But I’m stoked to see how we do this week. We are here in Vine right now to get the keys and grab the area book from the sister’s appt. It’s been crazy cuz I’ve been here like every week doing stuff in Viña.

But that’s basically it for this week! I’ve been really pondering a lot about why I’m here, and what  I can do to show my love for my Savior more this year, and I’ve just had it with being the normal missionary. Like I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing, but I feel as though I can be doing a lot more. At times I come home kind of disappointed in myself because I know I could have done so much more. But that’s done. I’m giving Him my all. I’m done fighting with myself to do His will. I’m not saying that my whole mission I haven’t been doing His will. All I’m saying is that I think I can do much more. I know that the Lord loves me and that He has much in store for Elder Pedersen!!

Love you all so much and I hope you all have an amazing week!!

Les quiero!!!                                                                                                                                                                       Elder Pedersen

P.S.  I’m sure after reading my letter you will think I don’t know why I’m here huh? But really mother it’s not that way. I was just trying to say that basically I want to do even MORE. I was just looking at my comps agenda and it’s like more than a perfect week and I just feel like we could have that kind of success all the time if we just tried harder, ya know?

Well I love you and I’m so happy for Kellin and that you are all doing great! 🙂


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