With a little extra effort…

Mar 15


March 15


March 15 (2)



So I have so much to tell you! It’s been an amazing week, I cannot even tell you!! So much better than last week. I gave it my all, and it definitely made a huge difference. It’s not like I haven’t in the past, but I just feel like with my extra effort, I’ve felt the love of the Lord even more! WE had TONS of contacts and we found a lot of new people, its crazy. After president had us work in the whole ward alone, we’ve found tons. It’s been hard, but totally worth it!!

So to start out, this week we had a conference with the President and OH MY GOSH, I cannot even tell you the spirit that was felt there. It was the best I think I’ve had my entire mission!! President Kahnlein started out talking about how he’s been praying a lot and pondering on what the mission needs right now. And his conclusion was that we need a lot more humility. He cut us to the core and definitely made us think about why we are here and what we need to be doing, cuz the baptisms went down a lot the first two months of the year. However, his talk was awesome! Then he came out and gave us a new reading assignment for the BOM. It’s going to be sweet! We are going to start it in April. It’s all the questions of the soul cards we give out. It’ll be fun! In addition, the assistance are having us do a PMG reading assignment. So its gonna be a great next 3 months!! Ha-ha, and to finish off he surprised us and we got to see MEET THE MORMONS!!!!! It was the best movie EVER! I was so excited. Everyone was like clapping and freakin out. Ha-ha, I felt the spirit really strong and it made me think a little about my future and about how I need to help people have these same experiences and help people have a desire to return back to their Heavenly Father. Also president was talking about how we need to help people pay their tithing. Like we have to talk about it with EVERYONE. Cuz I guess barely any converts are paying it in Chile at least. But I had a cool thoughts coming home from the conference. I was thinking about how “you gotta look at every day in the mission like your 2 years served. Come home (the pension) tired and without regrets.”

Also autumn started!!! I was so pumped!!! I flipping like the cold weather. And I’m sick of all the heat!! It’s killing me. Ha-ha, it got cloudy and drizzled the 21st of March!! How crazy the day it turns autumn it rains a little. It was AWESOME! 🙂

Oh and I’m sure I told you about Emily, she got baptized yesterday!!  I don’t have much time to talk about her today, but she’s 11 years old and is amazing. She wants to go on a mission and everything. She’s going to stay strong because her mom is reactivating and she will help her along the way to do the right things 🙂

OH! In addition, that package I sent came back to me!!! So I’m totally gonna just keep it 🙂 I guess God truly does answer prayers 😉 ha-ha. I felt so bad about that. I took some pictures of what I put into it so you can at least see what it would have been like. And idk what to do about the pin drive I wanted to send… what do you think?

Well I love you so much and tell everyone that I miss them all and love them too!!

Les amo!!!                                                                                                                                                                           Elder Pedersen


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