Happy Easter… Awesome General Conference!

Hello! How’s everyone doing?!?!

Well this week has been crazy. Seriously, I feel like I’m walking a marathon every single day! it’s crazy amount of walking. There’s like barely any time for contacts. It’s horrible. Cuz we will have a lesson in the corner of our area, and then right after we have to go to the other end of our area, and sometimes we get there and the people are not even there… ha-ha, but that’s normal. It’s just been crazy!

However, this week has been a lot better with our teaching. Idk if I told you already, but we started planning a lot better for our lessons, and it really makes a difference. But oh my gosh! Mom, these people are like your sisters. They talk for forever!!! They never stop. Like we will teach something about faith and all of a sudden they take the lesson and start talking about how their dog had to get shots or something, it’s crazy!! People just love to talk. It reminds me of home. “Elder Pedersen you have been called to the Viña del mar, Chile mission. You have been called to be a therapist.” ha-ha that’s what I feel like!! However, it’s good to be a great listener. It really helps us know what to teach them, and what they need, but sometimes they just talk about the most random stuff!

This week’s districts meeting went really well. I was very proud of myself. It gets really stressful to plan for those things. Cuz I have a revelation one day, and then the next, the Lord wants me to do something else. Ha-ha, but they always turn out great, with help from the Lord 🙂 We had 6 baptismal dates this week. It was awesome!  We have a date with Pablo. He’s so awesome!! He’s totally getting baptized! He has so much desire to get baptized. He went to the last session of conference and loved it. He was asking about when he was going to get baptized and what he needed to bring. Gosh he’s the best!

Hey, sorry I didn’t really talk about lots of the talks, cuz I forgot my notes… haha, but i know that talk about the dance steps and the music was fabulous!! I loved that probably the most. It was just so powerful. Cuz of course music always has a special meaning to me 🙂 haha

Oh and talking about conference, what the heck!! The craziest conference ever! I cannot believe that the prophet only talked once to the world, how weird!! He always talks more and ALWAYS finishes the conference. Kind of weird, but it was very spiritual! I loved all the talks. It really made me think about the family. I feel like they really focused a TON on the family. Makes me want to get married and have kids right away! Ha-ha, it was very good. Also loved how Elder Ceballos talked in the last session. I just felt his presence cuz I met him and just the fact that he’s from Chile makes it way cool! Ha-ha.

That’s so weird to see like no one at home! I feel like our family gets smaller and smaller as we grow up. We need to have more reunions when I get back 😉

Well mom I just want you to know that every day I see so many miracles in my life. I just know that Lord never abandons me. He’s ALWAYS there. Guiding me and helping me to make all the best decisions. He loves me so much that he sent me here to Chile. He gave me this amazing opportunity to serve him and help others without knowledge to get to know Him and His son Jesus Christ. I know that He lives. He loves every one of us and he will NEVER, EVER abandon us. He created this plan, created this earth so that we may inhabit it and learn and fall and use His son’s atonement to return into His presence. What better father could we ask for? I truly do love the gospel and all that the Lord has blessed me with. Especially my beautiful family 🙂

I love you!!!!!! My little mommy!

Elder Pedersen

P.S. These pics are from interchanges 🙂 Pretty sweet huh?

April 2015 IMG_1084 IMG_1087


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