First time being sick on the mission :(

Except for Monday, which was really awesome, this week was the lamest week EVER!  After I wrote all you guys, we had to go to Viña and while we were there, we took advantage of a lot of american fast food places. We ate at sub-way, then for dessert we ate at Papa Johns, and THEN we ate another dessert at McDonald’s. And I was feeling really good. Then we went home and played some tennis (cuz we have courts in our apartment complex) and it was super fun. But then…it came. haha THe food I had eaten passed right through me and I didn’t feel to sick after that, so we went to work. But the next day was terrible. I couldn’t eat anything without it passing through me like crazy. I was achy and I was just like… Ugh. It was the first time I’ve been sick in my mission. and luckily I wasn’t like throwing up sick. That’s the worst.

But anyway! there’s not really a ton to talk about, because I was just like Ugh all week. But the really cool thing was that we had a district meeting Wednesday, and I was scared to have to be running out sick every so often. But I said a faith filled prayer right before the meeting, and right when I walked through the front doors it was like all the sickness just passed through me. It was the coolest thing ever. The meeting wasn’t too great, but at least I wasn’t sick! And then when we left, it kinda came back with a killer headache. crazy huh?
The members here are SO awesome. We told them that I was sick (because of lunch and everything) and they treated me like a king. They gave me soup and stuff to help me feel better. I felt like you were right there with me 🙂 it was great. The people here are so sweet and just care for their neighbor. It was great!
Yesterday no one assisted.. 😦 IDK what the heck happened. It was kinda sad, but this week we are going hard-core and im gonna give the Lord my all and have success!!! Cuz I don’t like how we are right now. We really need to turn up the boosters and get going!
So it’s officially getting cold here. I had to wear my sweatshirt yesterday, I loved it!! I’m so excited for winter!! 🙂 🙂
Well mommy, I love you so stinkin much and i hope all is well and that you guys keep doing the Lord work and keep sharing the gospel with everyone! We all need to be like Nephi (2 Nephi 4: 28-30), not let your enemies get the best of you and don’t fear man like it says in the last 3 verses of that chapter. ALWAYS do the will of the Lord and never, EVER give up. Don’t let others get you down. Let the Lord guide you by the hand back home into His presence for forever 🙂 persevere!!
Love you and miss you all like crazy 🙂
Les amo,
Elder Pedersen

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