The Power of the Fast…

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Chilean Bakery

So starting out this week we had a really cool FHE with a family in the ward. They invited an investigator from the dads work and it went really well. It was actually really funny cuz we started out watching the video of the resurrection and she said that she believed in reincarnation. So basically the parents slapped that idea out of her head! haha, they were giving her all kinds of doctrine as me and my comp were sitting there biting our fingernails hoping that she wouldn’t leave! But nope, it ended up well!!
Then, the next day I decided to fast personally. I felt like Satan was really working on me, and I really needed that extra boost of energy. It was amazing the difference one fast can make. I felt so much better and we ended up having great success! The Lord truly does answer to our fast when we fast with a purpose, pray, ponder and give a generous offering. I’ve really learned the importance of that process. It has really helped me consecrate myself better and gives me a purpose and reason to fast.
My district meeting went soooo good! The zone leaders were there watching to see how the meeting would go and to give us some information, and it went super super well. I felt the spirit so much during the meeting and I could feel like the spirit was guiding me the whole time! There was a moment when I was sitting aside watching everyone else practice (cuz there was an odd number), and I looked at the table full of Books of Mormon and then at all these servants of God practicing to help and teach others to come unto our Lord and Savior, and I just got overwhelmed with the spirit. It felt as though a warm blanket was being wrapped around me and the feeling of the fact that this is Gods church. That His son has given us the amazing opportunity to repent and come unto Him and never, EVER look back. But if we do and if we fall, He is right there to catch us and help us back unto our feet once again.
Ok, now we have Pable. He is an investigator we are teaching right now that is going to get baptised this Sunday!!! we are all super excited and the members have played a really big role in his conversion. When he came to church yesterday he said “when you walk into the front doors you just feel the spirit, you just feel so welcomed and loved. The people here just make you feel so good and wanted”. YEAAAAA!!! haha, we were so happy to hear that from him. I’m positive that he will be a great member and I hope he can go on the mission!
One last thing for you and dad. So I was reading in Jacob 5 the other day and I thought about you a ton. I was reading verses 39-47, and it reminded me of you guys and how hard we kids have been for you guys. How much you guys have had to deal with. And i’m sure you guys have felt the exact same way about us kids. I know that we fall and that we aren’t perfect. But what you guys need to know is that you’ve done your best and you’re DOING your best. I’m sure you’ve asked yourselves the question like it says at the beginning of verse 47 “what more could I have done in my vineyard(Home)? Have I taken away my hand and not nurtured my vineyard(Kids)?” im sure you’ve asked yourselves that a lot. But im here to tell you guys that you are amazing parents. You guys are stronger than any parents I know. Just know that we all love you and that you have done your best and you’re not failures, just because we are not perfect. You guys are AMAZING 🙂
I love you all so darn much and I hope all is well at home!!
Les amo!!!
Elder Pedersen

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