The Power of Prayer

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Hey sweet mommy!!

So basically I cannot believe that I’ll be seeing you all in a week!! i feel like I was just Skyping you the other day! But I don’t know the exact time this weekend, but i’ll be skyping you guys sunday somewhere between 2 and 4. I really dont know. So i guess you guys can kinda figure that out. and make sure that we all can skype together. Cuz last time was lame that we could not all be together.
Anyways, i don’t have much time, and if you have any questions, you can just ask me this Sunday!! 😉 haha, but honestly, not a ton happened this week. I did, however have some amazing testimony building moments with prayer. I just don’t know what it is, but whenever I’m down or have temptations of any sort, I drop to my knees and I can just feel the presence of the Lord there with me. I can feel it as if He is wrapping His arms around me saying “Everything will be alright my son. I know how you feel. And I will always be here to help you back on your feet, and when you are so weak that you cannot walk, I will carry you.” I cannot even describe to you how important prayer has been here on my mission. It is honestly one of my most powerful tools i have against all evil. I know that if we have problems, hard times, temptations or worries we can go to our Father in Heaven and He WILL be there for us to help us move on and gain strength. But there’s something we have to do to be able to receive that help. We have to be humble, have faith and show the Lord that we are willing to do whatever it takes to receive His endless help.
So this week we were having lunch with a member and he was telling us about his mission and somehow it came up that he and his mission president had come up with a simple way to teach the restoration. We were super surprised how much success he had had in his mission from doing this. SO what we did is one day we came to his house and practiced it to get it down. Yesterday we used it for the first time and you know what happened? We placed a baptismal date!! It really does work!!! haha, we couldn’t believe how amazing, it really works. She’s an amazing investigator. She has a daughter too, that we will teach this week and we will be placing another date with her as well. I have a feeling that the way we teach the lesson is going to change a lot of things! its like what nephi said as he was teaching his people. He taught them so simple that there was no way they could not understand.
But anyways mom, I want you and everyone to know that I love you guys like crazy and I’m super excited to see you all Sunday!! oh and happy early Mothers day!! 🙂 Love ya! Muah!!
Les amo,
Elder Pedersen

One thought on “The Power of Prayer

  1. Thank you so much Kenny I needed this letter more than you could know. I too have a testimony of prayer. Isn’t it funny when we try to solve our problems we think only a sophisticated answer is what we need. Wrong, it is to go back to the simple answers the gospel brings (prayer, scripture study, temple attendance, fasting, etc.) I am so very proud of you and the work you are doing. Miss your face! Love Sister Shellie Chaney

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