The blessing of member missionaries

IMG_1370 IMG_1371 IMG_1374So this week has been super amazing. We have found a few investigators and we’ve been teaching a ton! I’ve really learned the importance of the members in the work. They really bear such strong testimonies, and have a conviction of the gospel. It’s really amazing how much an investigator changes when there is a member with us in the lesson. Their eyes open and you can see that they take things more seriously.

So as you guys know, we have two baptismal dates right now. Only one of them could attend yesterday, but the other one still stays strong! Juana and her daughter Sandra (a less active) came to church with us in the freezing cold. It was amazing to see how happy she was to go and when she got there, she felt so good and felt like everyone cared for her and wanted to talk to her. The bishop knows her, so when he was announcing, he welcomed her to the ward. I was like “oh crap, she’s going to feel so embarrassed!!”, but after she told us that she loved it and felt really welcomed. It was all great. Then came the night time when we had to teach her the word of wisdom… she and her daughter smoke. In addition, she told us that it would be almost impossible to stop. We were freaking out, but thanks to the member we brought, and our testimonies, she’s going to try to stop. She’s going to put the effort into stop and I really hope she can, cuz she’s soooo amazing. She was so happy to get baptized, and now she’s not sure because of the smoking and tea thing, so we will be praying for her and I’m sure we will fast too!
Well to move on, we’ve had lots of future investigators tell us to come back in a few days cuz they were busy that seemed to be really interested in listening. One is a guy about 30 years old that’s married!! (This is super weird, cuz no one gets married here) So we are really excited about that, and so I’m sure that we will have another baptismal date by the end of the week 🙂

Well that’s about all! oh and one of my cavities broke again… so if there’s been a drop in the credit card, it was because of that. and I’ll have to go back three more times it looks like to get everything done. so if you could put a good amount of money in there for the next Monday id be very grateful 🙂

Love you guys so much and I hope all is well at home 🙂

P.S. We went to Viña for my teeth and we found a burger king, chucky cheese, Lego place and an apple store! I took pics*


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