The Book of Mormon…The Word of God

IMG_20150617_184830IMG_20150617_184907IMG_20150617_190123IMG_1391 IMG_1390 IMG_1386Wow, I cannot believe that it’s already June! How crazy is that?!

Well this week was an ok week. Not a lot happened. I mean in the beginning, everything was going really well. Then during the week, some of our investigators weren’t there for our appt. It was kind of lame, but we are trying to do better to find new people. We are now working with a list that our president made for us to be able to find incomplete families. We will be able to find more and more people to baptize. It’ll be awesome! Just means a lot more work for us though! Ha-ha

Well we were going to have a baptism this weekend, but she is still smoking… we are almost positive that she will get baptized the next week though. We also have found people that are progressing and that have an interest. This atheist that we found is really awesome. He was really happy when we were able to answer all of his questions. He said that this is truly Gods church and that he has never been able to find the answer to his questions in any other church. It was really cool to hear that.

Man, the mission has been crazy these past few weeks. Our president will be going home this next Wednesday! We just got back from the dentist, so I’m not too focused right now… haha. My mouth is really numb right now. The dentists here have the weirdest technology. It’s insane how far back they are. It’s like they are just figuring out how to do fillings. It was really painful to say the least. Ha-ha

But I also wanted you guys to know that I have such a strong testimony of the BOM. It amazing the power that it holds and the messages that it can bring you. Like there will be a day when ill be a little down or tempted and I come across a scripture that tells me that the people began to pray and fast often to resist the temptation and all the evils of the world. I want you guys to know that the book of Mormon Is the most correct book on the face of the earth. In addition, I know that if we read it daily and put our faith in God to help us through our trials, the devil will have no power over us.

I met a member this week that does contacts and teaches investigators all by himself. That man knows why he’s here. That man has a testimony of this gospel and of the power of the BOM. That’s the kind of member we all should be. I know that at times it’s hard to do so. Because we are afraid to lose our friends or afraid to look dumb. But if we truly have a testimony of this work, nothing will ever get in your way of sharing the gospel. We all need to be like this man. We need to do all we can to put God first in our lives and be a true disciple. God loves us and wants us to be happy. And the only way we can find this happiness is by being exactly obedient to His commandments.

I love you all and I hope you all can put your trust in the Lord and share the gospel with someone this week!!

Les amo!!

Elder Pedersen


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