The Love of God and the Atonement


So I cannot even tell you how darn fast these weeks have been flying by! It’s so crazy. We heard the other day that our president actually isn’t leaving until 3 more weeks. We thought that he was going to go with this group that’s leaving, but nope. I guess we have a few more weeks to enjoy him in the mission!

So to be honest, this week was really lame… haha. From all of these investigators we had, they either cannot get baptized yet, or we haven’t been able to teach them. I honestly don’t know what’s happening. It’s so weird. Satan is definitely trying to pull all of this success away from us. It’s so lame. It’s like when we don’t pass by our investigators every day, they slowly start doubting what they felt in the beginning and don’t want to hear from us anymore. It’s super weird. I have definitely learned the importance of having daily contact with our peeps. Ha-ha

This Wednesday we will be having changes and it seems like my comp is staying here cuz when we called president to ask him something he told my comp by accident that he was staying here. And it would be weird if I go, but not impossible! Cuz I only have 6 weeks here, and my comp is really awesome. At times he really gets down on himself and thinks that he’s not doing anything here. But after we talk, he seems to calm down and he gets his spirits back up.

Well to be honest, not much has happened this week… kinda lame. I don’t like weeks like this. I guess it’s time to start putting more emphasis on having spiritual experiences! Cuz that’s what really makes the mission awesome. Thats what really helps me to change into the man I want to become.

However, there was one thing that I really loved that our stake president said yesterday in ward conference. He explained the meaning of taking upon the name of Jesus Christ, like in the sacrament prayer. He said that taking His name upon you means 1) using the atonement of Jesus Christ in your life and 2) participating in His church (being faithful to your assignment/calling). I really loved that so much, it really helped me understand what that really means. Cuz through my whole life, I’ve heard that, but never really thought about it that way. He was saying that every time we partake of the sacrament, we are saying to the Lord that we are going to use his atonement, and when we come to church late or don’t come at all, we are denying the atonement in our lives and saying that we don’t even need it. He added on with the same about participating in the church, that every time we take of the sacrament, we are saying that we will do all we can to complete our calling and we will do all we can to bless the people of which our calling persists.

It really made me think about the importance of the sacrament in my life. I have definitely gained a strong testimony of it and I know that without it, we would never have the chance to return in His presence. It’s a covenant that we are making with our Father in Heaven every week. In addition, it’s the most important covenant we will make with the Savior. And to end the talk, he said that if we aren’t sanctifying the Sabbath day, we don’t love God. Great message!

I love and miss you all like crazy!!!

Les amo!!!!!!

Elder Pedersen


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